I was born to draw drag (queens)

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  1. The print is a little small and densely spaced, but I think the trim from the neckline and buttons + the break at the hemline should help. It's not ideal, but it could be a lot worse

  2. I knew I’d get jerked for that post even with the preface I made 😭 rip

  3. I thought classic dramatic. Definitely classic

  4. Pretty sure I'm a curvy FN, but thank you! I will be checking these out. I keep buying high waisted flare jeans that don't reach my waist!

  5. I think they fit the waist nicely. I don’t have a super skinny waist but it does go in a little, and the jeans fit it well. I don’t need to wear a belt with them but if your waist is quite curvy you might need a belt with it

  6. I thought it was a photo at first! The face is so spot on. I was like... Is Katya contouring her breasts differently?

  7. As others have said, I'd skip a "Kibbe typing service" if it isn't Kibbe himself. There are, however, other style systems that can be just as good. For example, I recently got a consult with Elyssa from YouTube, and she helped me ENORMOUSLY. Highly recommend! She uses an interview and lots of photos to analyze your essence, body, and face to give you a personalized archetype. I ended up getting Romantic-Ethereal-Gamine, along with a personalized report of how she got that, what it means, and how to apply it to my wardrobe. She also critiqued six of my outfits and created two outfit ideas for me.

  8. I really like Elyssa's content and I emailed her to get on her waiting list, but she appears really inactive online. I think she had a baby and/or some health issues.

  9. I did my consult last month. Her page said bookings were closed, but when I went to the calendar, I booked and then we met. I was worried it was a fluke bc she didn't respond to my email questions in advance of the meeting, but we met as scheduled! Another friend did a consult a few days later.

  10. This is really interesting. I'm assuming in the left photo, you used Kibbe's recommendations and in the right you used Kitchener's or TiB's?

  11. Yep, kibbe V Kitchener is correct.

  12. Thank you so much! I have to agree, I prefer the second look more. As a fellow FN, I'm going to have to try this out for myself. I kinda hope this becomes a trend: people comparing their Kibbe and Kitchener recs. Awesome long weekend content!

  13. This is admittedly a very anecdotal contribution that is based solely off of my own personal experience, but I feel clothes stretch across my upper back. Cardigans in particular. A cardigan will appear to fit properly, but I will feel tension in the fabric across my upper back. This will even cause some tearing at the shoulder seams over time. It's not even necessarily that my shoulders are too wide because the cardigan will fit my shoulders. It's my back that needs more fabric, and it's pulling down from the shoulders.

  14. This describes me. Nobody would notice I have broad shoulders, but everything seems to pull across my upper back. And, I have literally never bought a blouse where the sleeves were not creeping up past my wristbones.......unless I buy men's shirts. So the broadness is definitely across the back, not necessarily wide shoulders. It even pulls the sleeves short on blouses. I am actually "small boned" though people don't notice it because I'm 5'8.5" and give off the appearance of being more sturdy than I am. (no idea what kibbe type this means)

  15. Creepy sleeves! I get that too lol

  16. Would you guys say you have large hands and feet? I have found a lot of Dramatics have more delicate and “smallish” hands and feet but FNs aren’t very dainty

  17. My hands are small, but my feet are pretty big. Size 8 wide. Fairly certain I'm FN, but not 100% sure. I try not to focus on the specifics though. It's about the over all yin yang balance

  18. Ditto you being olive. I think with olives in particular, the warm/cool binary is different. Neutral or cool olives aren’t pink, so cool toned makeup that leans pink won’t look good on them. Cool olives, being more yellow, might look better in warm colored makeup than cool makeup. All this is to say, with color analysis (which is a very imperfect system for olives) focus less about what you “are” and more about the colors that flatter you. You seem neutral to me, and the neutral-cool colors flatter you overall. Also speaking of, the metal test isn’t a good one for olives because yellow gold can bring out the natural yellow tones of some yellower olives and therefore be more flattering than silver!

  19. Omg I am seriously having an identity crisis. So... My skin can be yellow, but not warm toned if I'm olive?

  20. Don’t panic lol your rings look beautiful! I’m not an expert but from what I understand deep winters are somewhat neutral so can likely pull off both jewelry colors. I’ve definitely seen this convo happen on several threads where deep winters feel they look best in gold jewelry and others have confirmed it’s possible. I think this can happen if you have some neutrality to your skin or a mix of cool and warm undertone vs overtone.

  21. Okay, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's had this experience.

  22. I'm intrigued by the eye pattern thing as well! I've been confused as to whether I'm a Deep Autumn or a Soft Autumn because I think I look good in both dark and light Autumn colours (though not bright!). And I feel like

  23. Anything Oneiric will always have my support! Looks great. Especially loving the foggy landscapes!

  24. I'm a deep autumn with both an outer ring and spokes. I guess that would make sense with the system. Autumn, but with a winter influence.

  25. I think most people have an outer ring, if outer ring refers to a ring outside of the iris? The ring referred to in the poll goes around the pupil and is actually associated with Spring (in the specific book this poll originates from).

  26. Ah. It does say pupil, doesn't it? Good thing I chose spokes as my answer!

  27. Gorgeous and 6 feet tall? You're the type of woman that might intimidate other women. That's why you're perfect to play the ex's new girl.

  28. I would agree that you look quite balanced. If you feel you have vertical, maybe you are a DC with slight elongation.

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