1. This is an awesome review! The hubbs and I have been wanting to get our cars detailed, now we know who to call! Thanks!!!

  2. Hey. K-Town Detailing owner here; I offer a 10% off discount for two cars in the same driveway (parking lot) so keep that in mind if you decide to do both cars at the same time! Hope to hear from you soon!

  3. Awesome to hear! We’ll definitely be in contact! Thanks!

  4. My husband has been saying this since day one!!!

  5. I am not a vet, and don’t know what that is, but sure as hell would take my dog to the vet stat if it were doing that. I hope she’s ok this morning.

  6. He should definitely see a doctor, but this is not uncommon. I often get headaches from sex, the more vigorous the worse the headache. And if I have the start of a headache or migraine, I can’t even think about sex. Like others have said, it’s the blood pressure. He should see a doctor because it’s definitely a medical issue and totally common and they might be able to find a medication to help him and wouldn’t that be way better than never having sex again? But he definitely shouldn’t be worried because it’s not super likely to be something serious, it’s not embarrassing, and that’s because it does happen to a lot of people.

  7. You should definitely have a vet look at it, I am NOT a vet, but based on the photo and what you described, it sounds like a black head/cyst type thing like your mom thought originally. If you were asking for yourself, that’s what I’d say it was. But definitely have it looked at by a vet to ensure it’s clean and not something more serious.

  8. It rained on my wedding day, which is in my top 3 triggers. I started the day off with a migraine and a handful of various pills to try to make it through the day. I use THC to medicate and my perfect new BIL had a joint in hand when the ceremony was over. The rain cleared up by the time pictures were over. We had made sure the meal was sit down (so we could relax) and included some comfort foods which quickly picked up my spirits. And a glass of Coke with some caffeine added in had me in a full smile by the time people hit the dance floor. Set yourself up ahead of time with little comforts throughout and you’ll be fine. Like scarletthellyfish said “the wedding is just an event. The real show starts after.”

  9. It’s not only creepy but borders on HIPPA violations and this person needs to be stopped before they do something to ruin their career or the reputation of the place they work for. NTA

  10. ESH it was a shitty prank, but also, were you really that put out over it? You weren’t harmed, you didn’t lose money, and you didn’t actually go anywhere. Your friend was a bit of a jerk, and you overreacted a bit.

  11. All this response tells me is you know nothing about anxiety and anxiety triggers.

  12. “we smile at each other, we hug, i’ve kissed him on the neck softly, he’s felt my warm steamy breath on the nape of his neck even on the small of his back” -tyson

  13. Tyson is my favorite of all time for Survivor quotes. “I love seeing people cry…when you crush their dreams.”

  14. Women completely lose their personality once they have kids. They are no longer themselves, they are entirely just mombies. You’re better off finding new friends. YWBTA if you tried to stop them from talking about literally the only thing they have going on in their lives.

  15. Whoa whoa whoa whoa….hold the fucking phone. “Women completely lose their personality ones they have kids?” “Literally the only thing they have going on in their lives”? What kind of antiquated bullshit is this?! Women are more than baby making machines. Just because they have kids doesn’t mean that’s all they are. I’m willing to bet they have hobbies and friends and jobs and tons of things they enjoy doing SANS kids including these trips!!!! Jesus…

  16. Yeah, I had to bite my tongue and not reply to this comment. The internalized misogyny is strong in this one!!

  17. I couldn’t stop myself…obviously….hahaha

  18. You went from a medium city (741k) to a small city (200k) is what happened. Less choice+variety because there is less demand.

  19. This is the real answer. The smaller the city/population the fewer businesses period. There were also more and cheaper options for bars in Seattle. And if you go to an even smaller city than Spokane, you’ll find one shop with 3 strains and no edibles for sale. Lol such is life.

  20. ESH: you definitely less so, but everyone except Amy sucks. Your friend should have stopped pushing right away, period. End of story. But you never ever ever should have said that last line, especially having been previously heavy yourself. Even if Amy hadn’t heard it, it was too far. “IM NOT FOING TO DATE HER, STOP TRYING AND LEAVE IT AT THAT!” and walk away. That’s enough.

  21. This is true. Crossbreeding over however long has basically rendered indica/hybrid/sativa meaningless. It's why there are sativa's that will make you sink into the couch and indicas that will make you hopped up.

  22. You came here for judgement, but it’s obviously not what you wanted. You want validation that you are right to be mad that your plans got cancelled. Plans get cancelled and it sucks, and it’s ok to be mad. But what you said to your mom was rude and unnecessary. And if she’s afraid to tell you things, regardless of how many times you argue with people on here, there is a reason why. Look inward to find it. And yes, locking yourself away and refusing to see or speak to anyone is in fact the silent treatment. Review your behavior.

  23. I wanted to see the two ends get put together!!!

  24. No offense but why don’t you just let your cat die. It’s probably suffering while you sink your money into extending its life.

  25. “No offense but: something super offensive that I know will start a fight because I’m a total asshole.”

  26. I mean that’s how you’re supposed to use no offense… saying something that could be offensive but stating your intent isn’t actually to hurt the persons feelings. You’re not supposed to use it when you aren’t saying something non controversial. Sorry you had to resort to personal attacks I wasn’t trying to strike a nerve.

  27. Unless you’re a psychopath or a narcissist, you know damn well that peoples’ pets are a “nerve” and you were, in fact, trying to strike it. Back pedaling now isn’t a good look.

  28. We don't need to give a platform for sexual abuser Bob Crowley 🤢

  29. Debby. She's a gymnast, a scientist, a member of the air force auxiliary, caretaker to nuns. A challenge beast. She's everything.

  30. You forgot she also raised turtles. Debbie is a wonder unto herself and gold can’t hold a candle to her.

  31. Sometimes I am absolutely certain that if I took a icee of rebar and put it through my skull right at the corner of my left eye where it meets my nose that it would solve ALL of my problems. I’m also absolutely certain I’m wrong. So here we are. Lol

  32. I've had a bunch of these experiences. Worst one was when I was pspspspssting a random cat that absolutely ignored me, while doing so a cat came running to me from like, maybe, 100 meters away? Then did its thing running around my ankles.

  33. Definitely some kind of scam. Next time be sure to check for your wallet afterwards…

  34. I relate to this. I wake up every day in pain. I slept funny so my neck to pulling on my scalp causing a headache. Or the weather isn’t perfect so the pressure is causing something stirring. I never feel what I what would “excellent”. I don’t remember having a 0 pain day. Ever. Even if I have woken up without head pain, it happens later in the day. I can’t escape it. I have also been warned about OTC pills, but most days I literally can’t get out of bed or get through my work day without something. And I can’t afford not to work. So I just try to take as few as possible. Make sure I’m alternating things so I’m not taking a shit ton of ibuprofen or whatever all at once. If I last took ibuprofen, this time I try excedrin. I have daily medication I take for my headaches which have kept me from having a migraine every month that lasts over a week. And I have rescue medication for when I do get a migraine, but when I take that, I’m down for the count for at least 4 hours. So we trudge on. Knowing that our pain tolerance is higher than most because it has to be. And keeping the stock of companies like Advil from plummeting.

  35. Ffji says:

    I’m definitely not made for college. Barely passed middle and highschool by the skin of my teeth cause I’ve always lacked motivation when it came to academics. Funny you say that though because my cousin is always telling me how much money is in learning trades like welding and plumbing lol. Thank you for the much needed encouragement

  36. This sucks man, but don’t be too down. Like you yourself, and others have said, some people just aren’t made out for college. I sure wasn’t! Just find what you like to do and get good at it. Tradespeople are and always will be important and make plenty of money! From plumbers to hair dressers, they’re all jobs we need people to do, and pay big money to have done right!

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