1. It doesnt help they are usually kept at a seperate display from the normal bettas, so most customers dont know they are sold or even that they exist. At my store about 90% of all the glo bettas die on the shelf from the slow turnover rate. We have one glo guy left that we've had for 3 months, no one wants him :(

  2. Omg you don’t happen to work at a store in Iowa do you? We have a soft spot for glo bettas as that was the first fish we had.

  3. Awe thanks for asking but sadly I do not. I would totally take him myself if I didnt have 5 tanks already. Im trying to see if one of my regulars will take him for free and give him a 5 or 10 gallon all to himself. He's a great eater and loves people, I feel terrible he's been in a cup this whole time. Unfortunately I am a few states away from you

  4. Well hopefully someone takes him and gives him a good home! Violet (the pink one) was our first ever fish, I think people worry they’ll be unhealthy because they’re genetically modified but we’re 8 tanks deep now and our OG Violet is still going strong!

  5. It's called Serene and it's by Current. There's a film that goes on the back of the tank to diffuse the color LEDs, the LED bar can be mounted on the bottom or the top depending on your preference. Top light bar has multiple light settings that can be controlled by remote as well as a programmable feature to automatically do a full day to night light cycle. There are various relaxing sounds that can be played on the speakers for a truly immersive experience. My favorite is the thunder storm, the top light will have blue "night" lighting and will occasionally flicker with white lightning flashes, which pairs beautifully with the thunderstorm sound effects.

  6. Oof that is pricy but thank you for telling me about it! It’s very cool and makes your tank look super nice and dramatic.

  7. It seems like you’re doing everything right. Like others have said you can feed a bit more. With babies I feed 3-4 pellets 2-3 times a day. Fish in cycles are more work but you seem like you’re more than willing to do the work. He is coloring up already which is a really good sign. Good for you for choosing to help a very sickly looking betta (in the cup). You got him in very rough shape so don’t be too hard on yourself in the event he doesn’t pull through, but I honestly think in a few weeks we’re going to be seeing an awesome glow up post on this little guy :). Also does he have a name yet?

  8. Thank you! :) Not yet, still trying to think of one. I'll definitely make a post in a few weeks showing his glow up!

  9. I'm probably going to set up another tank just for shrimp! I was thinking pea puffers, but after researching, they seem a little too sensitive as I'm only home half the week. The ghost shrimp have absolutely delighted me! 😍

  10. Same, ghost shrimp are super cool (and weird looking). I bought one who was already pregnant and it’s so cool to see the eggs moving in their belly. And now I have tiny little shrimp babies in my invert tank!

  11. My kids aren't reproducing quick enough (joke!), I can't wait to be a shrimp grandma! 😂

  12. I think since I bought mine pre-pregnant that makes me a shrimp stepgrandma? Lol

  13. Eventhough I don’t like fake plastic and colorful decoration, this is cute and neat-clean project. I love it.

  14. As someone with an unused fireplace…permission to steal this idea?

  15. Oh man sorry people are being harsh on this post! My advice is be patient, I wanted snabies but my snails didn’t lay, after 6 months of waiting my friend gave me a few of his clutches. And, you guessed it, mine started laying clutches immediately after I got my friend’s lol

  16. I do agree with separating the female if possible though, they hold sperm for a long time and I’m sure she has plenty.

  17. Thank you for being kind! I understand being passionate about all animals but I like to consider myself as a good snail parent (I’m trying). Setting up a tank for the female today!

  18. Omg the pink spot on her head makes her look like she’s smiling upside down. Adorable.

  19. I wish I had advice for you. I’ve euthanized fish and a snail with blunt force trauma as it’s the fastest and most guaranteed, but idk if I could stomach it with my axolotl. Sorry I can’t be more help. But I’m even more sorry you’re going through this. Hope you’re doing okay.

  20. Thanks for the tips everyone! Pretty much going to try them all.

  21. Might want to look at your lighting schedule and water change schedule. Personally I've got good experience with shrimp in my puffer tank but obviously YMMV in adding shrimps

  22. I have lots of shrimp in my shrimp tank and my ghost shrimp are rather large. What does YMMV mean?

  23. Oh yes. He will definitely have freckles! Lots! Very similar to Coop. Beautiful floofs!!

  24. Thank you! We love him and now we have more freckles to look forward to :)

  25. Is he on the lighter or darker side? If hes lighter, theres a good chance he will gain some awesome freckles too! Its just harder to see with the darker ones. Coop almost looked leucistic when he was a baby.

  26. i love this! 😭🫶🏼 where did you order it from? also i think as long as you stir the sand regularly then you should be okay, i would just make sure you disturb the sand that’s deep under too in those areas. i feel like that makes sense lol and maybe move the tunnel to different spots here and there if you worry about it being in the same spot for super long periods of time, but i think you should be okay!

  27. Thank you! I ordered it from a random guy in Canada in my freshwater aquarium Facebook group, he 3d printed small ones for his corys and shrimp and I asked him if he could make one big enough for a full grown axolotl. And he did! (For payment of course lol but it wasn’t too crazy)

  28. She did the slow mo part long enough for me to notice, get up and get my phone, and get a video of the ending.

  29. Good for you for leaving an abusive situation, that’s not easy at all so way to go!

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