1. I love the pic above - your face shape is round & can pull off a layered longer cut.

  2. It bothers me she is so up front before the audience even gets to know her. Not even a little bit. And for her to criticize Lindsay for her appearance - so classless and tacky. After all Lindsay is an OG

  3. Very well said - the behavior so reminds me of high school. But honestly I don’t recall any of the girls being that high maintenance even back then

  4. I think this chick desperately needs some therapy. She has absolutely no idea who she is...

  5. Or she has had it and misunderstood. She uses her upbringing and childhood as an excuse for inappropriate behavior

  6. Interesting 🤔 I don’t remember this. And I do t remember what pushed Mary to her side? Was it the childbearing issue? What a mess

  7. I must admit I have to agree - this was so cringey to watch 😣

  8. Blah blah blah 😑 can’t we bring something new to the table?

  9. Agree!! imo- Heather 2.0 NEVER needed to happen. Now Tamra 2.0? Casting….???

  10. I guess it somewhat depends on where (what city you’re in) Just saw you’re in Seattle - I think the skirt, turtleneck and boots are adorable 😊 here in San Diego anything goes

  11. LMFAOO. My husband walked in on this scene and was like “is this his audition for a high school play?” 😂

  12. It’s a sad situation that has been crumbling for a long time. It’s too bad they were unable to give Christine their blessing. It definitely doesn’t look or seem like the plural family that they originated for so long

  13. And she is soooo beautiful - I’m always confused why she is so obsessed with him

  14. He is definitely backtracking. He seems less mature as he ages

  15. I’m 63 - been using botox for 9 years. I receive 30 - 35 units every 5-6 months.

  16. Is that a bow tie where the skirt becomes a V in the front? Not really liking that accent or the jeweled lining 🤔

  17. I don’t think there’s a bow tie in that skirt anywhere

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