1. idk if this helps but maybe explain it as a fashion trend? lots of cis girls buy men's t shirts and thrift men's shirts anyways. maybe telling her that the style is in trend and everybody wears "men's shirts" anyways cld help? I'm a cis girl and I own a couple of shirts I bought from the men's section!! they just have better graphic designs haha, maybe explain it that way to ur mom?

  2. aww that’s a bummer. is there a way for u to buy shirts a without revealing the section it came from? like buy the men’s t shirt urself, wear it per normal and if ur mom ever questions it just go like “but it was from the women’s section?” she cld slightly disapprove of the latest trends but i mean u did “buy it from the women’s section” after all, so long as she isn’t aware of that?

  3. Well, the problem is that i don't have any thrift stores anywhere near me. I don't really have any other way i could try and buy something without telling her the section it came from.

  4. You're telling me i could make MONEY off of being queer???

  5. The character taking the picture is Shrignold the butterfly from ep 3 of the web series

  6. Some ✨c r e a t i v e✨ tax evasion

  7. We are all addicted to drawing these mf

  8. Top 10 most dramatic and deserved anime villan deaths!! [very emotional] [very gory] [very satisfying] 😨😨😱😱😈😈

  9. Well, people who are younger can be part of the LGBTQ. There's nothing wrong with that

  10. It’s a puppet show. It’s not made for stuff like that. It’s quite funny people ship a duck and a spaghetti man

  11. I still don't see the problem in shipping the characters and headcannoning them

  12. [Tony tried his hardest to run towards the main action, but he tripped, falling down fairly close to the bush]

  13. Tracey: "Hm? Oooh!! Colin told you about this?"

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