1. Ești cel mai bun om pe care l-am întâlnit în viața mea >:P

  2. Ok update on this, they got married had a daughter and Colin died of old age 😭

  3. I'm angry i didn't get to kill him before a Tony damned virus got to him-

  4. Tony: “My boyfriend…he left me for a worm,” Paige: “Thats rough buddy,”

  5. A moment of silence for our boy Tony, who now has to live with this issue memory forever...

  6. Depending on what Colin says back to Warren, i might have to give up on my entire 30+ hours works of Colin × Tony art and go cry in a corner

  7. . . . . i ' l l n e e d a m o m e n t . .

  8. I would but i think one of us will end up throwing the table at the other and you can't eat pizzer off the floor, can you?

  9. D'you want the story behind it or the drawing itself?

  10. Shrignold again... I'm tempted, but i shouldn't...

  11. But if your teeth turn gray, how will you make art? You'll have to eat yeast ti ungray your teeth, but not too much yeast because that can make it worse...

  12. 💰🏃[Skrunkly running away with cash] 🏦 ✋😔🤚 💣🖥️ [Colin holding the bank teller hostige]

  13. Hostage: but why do you need a hostage if you already have the money!1?1 🖥: i do this for fun lmao

  14. That's what the government wants you to think!

  15. Unemployed Brendon as A5 [i mean, c'mon, just look at it!]

  16. Thanks spooky, you really are my reddit bestie :] i thinl you're the nicest person i've ever met online, and you definitely made my time here on

  17. I really have to admit that when i sometimes feel bad i just look at our old scripts in post comment sections.

  18. Thanks a lot this was actually my first time drawing shrignold,colin,warren and tony

  19. Well then, i must say i'm surprised. I really thought you've been drawing them for awhile

  20. Well thanks a lot im actually really proud on how shrignold turned out since hes my 2nd favorite character :D

  21. He loves KFC but he don't know that's what causes him to throw up

  22. Tony: "I have reasons to suspect you're lying..."

  23. Tony, walking in: "I just read the news paper, what the hell did you- why is there a ski mask on the floor?"

  24. Can't say i dislike drawing Shrig soo perhaps

  25. C: "And it's your misfortune because i told Tony-"

  26. It obviously is, i know because i'm the one who wrote the episode this is from-

  27. I really am having too much fun drawing these-

  28. do you post on insta? also, can i take this idea? i’ll give credit with your reddit user lol

  29. I don't have an Instagram, but i don't mind you yoinking the idea :3

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