1. The lazy hubby will have you dress like a French maid then just order you around. LOL

  2. My guess is those fall into the same category as cigarettes and cigars.

  3. I read this this morning. My opinion:

  4. It should be no more than a co pay but we shouldn’t have to pay anything

  5. That's a dream. Until it's legal federally and insurance companies are forced into covering it as medicine, not happening.

  6. Can anyone tell me what the terpenes are in this? I bought it & loved it for sleep. I'm ADHD so I'm struggling to find which terpenes affect me & how & I've been logging them but they weren't listed on my bag & my dispensary website doesn't have it any more.

  7. Unfortunately that's how most halfs in the program come.

  8. Yea, bags are the easiest to fill and store, and the cheapest.

  9. Just picked up a half of Blue Blast smalls by Pure Ohio Wellness at Zenleaf Cincy. Smells nice in the bag. Haven't pinpointed the flavor yet, but it is good.

  10. Well darn this snow. Not going to try the drive up there today.

  11. Men like to hear talk, mostly how you're feeling during the act. Suggestions are great too. Some men like to be controlled sometimes, so take charge if it feels right. When you orgasm moans and screams are great. Of course, the big compliment to give a man a big rush is telling him how big he feels. Enjoy!

  12. Sounds like you're getting divorced before you get married. That means 18 years of paying for the few times she let you.

  13. Do not put it in your anus then into your vagina. That can cause infections. Best to have toys for use one way or the other.

  14. More dispensaries are opening. As a person trying to get back into the cannabis industry, what do you think are some ways a dispensary itself could improve upon?

  15. It has to be a fast check in, then enough employees to man a sufficient number of registers. Maybe more employees on standby as the need arises. It shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes to walk in, register, purchase and leave. Of course, that needs to be in a large enough space to accommodate folks so they don't have to stand outside waiting. Also a drive-thru for online order pickup would be awesome.

  16. I think a drive through would be awesome and alleviate lines for everyone. Most businesses don't staff like that, so I'm unsure if any dispensary that's trying to run efficiently would consider paying someone to just be available. Perhaps a manager would step in and assist on a register briefly.

  17. I know you can't have workers just standing around waiting to get put to work. It's also impossible to know how many patients are going to come on any given day, making staffing a critical part of running a dispensary.

  18. I thought they had things figured out when they added all the registers. Still had lines of folks waiting 30+ minutes. More changes = more confusing.

  19. Turns out adding more registers does nothing if you don’t want to pay to staff humans to operate them, who could have foresaw this?

  20. Besides low pay, all they do is stand there passing out online orders. Budtender license for what? But every employer is having staff issues because no one wants to work anymore.

  21. I always stuff a towel inside my toys to dry them. Use the corner and twist it in. If you're able to turn it inside out without ruining/ripping the pocket pussy that's better.

  22. Who is the cultivator? Nobody on this thread ever posts that ..lol..also name your dispo and location ..what did you pay out the door ??

  23. Matter bought at Verilife Cincy. $20 only because I bought 5 tenths.

  24. This is one of the Buy 5 sale items, Lemon Lime Punch. I didn't get much smell in the can, and only a little while grinding. The buds are hard chunks and pretty dry. Taste is pretty good, little gassy with a hint of citrus. The effects so far are very good. Pain is down, mind is running, body feeling good.

  25. Nope. This old man don't need any Viagra.

  26. Met my wife at work 35 years ago. I was 36, she was 19. She initiated the relationship after we had worked together for almost a year. Asked to come to the mall with me after work one day. She only wanted to come to my place afterwards. She took me to bed shortly after getting to my place. Can't say all relationships will work out as well as ours, but she's kept me happy this long!

  27. Not real sure what to say about this one. There is very little smell to the buds, but as dated as it is they are still slightly moist and sticky. The large bud has leaves on the outside. Toking I find it quite mild and no flavor to speak of. Looking at the terps that was expected. There is a slight sweet after taste. Effects are fair, a nice mellow feeling and mild pain relief. Doubt I would buy again.

  28. Good review and similar experience here. Got it as part of a 14g/$100 on Matter and it's definitely serviceable but nothing exceptional.

  29. That's where I got this, Verilife Cincy, buy 5 for $100. Matter must have a lot of old stock to move. Even at $20 I'm kind of disappointed in them. Tried the lemon lime punch, it is dry as dust, very little taste but decent effects. Also tried one other, Arposite (sp?) and it's dry as dust too but tastes like peach-pineapple to me and good effects. Just looked at Verilife menu, still 5 for $100 but there are only 2 strains left.

  30. Look at a stroker type. I bought this one and love it, gets me off every time.

  31. Had one dildo that melted into another. One is super soft silicone and the other was a hard silicone type. Soft one now has a dent in the shaft. Now I keep all the silicone dildos rolled in a towel so they don't touch each other.

  32. I'm no expert on silicone but I don't think that's possible unless one of them isn't silicone

  33. That may be true. Not real sure what the second one is made of.

  34. Checked out their menu when it was announced they were opening. Prices looked high and selection was low, for flower anyway. Glad there is finally a dispensary in the east side for those who used to drive from way out.

  35. For me it was the stimulation on my prostrate, and that could give me an orgasm very different than ejaculating. It was more of an internal release that would make my whole body shake. You're an awesome wife to consider doing that for your husband if he enjoys it. The male prostrate tends to get bigger as we age. That causes us having to get up to pee during the night, but it is able to be stimulated easier.

  36. He's used prostate toys and I've used them with him. He absolutely has a different orgasm and I know he loves it.

  37. That's understandable as you get nothing out of the act. Have you considered other toys that might give you some pleasure? There are strap on's that have vibrators to buzz your clitoris, or possibly hold a second dildo for you. Another might be a Feel-Doe type dildo where one side goes inside you, the other end is a dildo.

  38. Use some numbing cream. It's made to help you last longer.

  39. Find your own boyfriend then tell her you can't anymore.

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