1. Stupidity at its finest. Now you qualify for medical marijuana but there isn't going to be anywhere to buy any in the state. But it's ok to go to another state where it is legal to buy and bring it home. Of course, we're not telling you about the possibility of getting busted crossing through other states where it's illegal.

  2. Wanted to try this but at Zenleaf it was $20 more than all the other Good Green 5.66 jars.

  3. Looks good. But $48 for a tenth is robbery.

  4. I don’t even think we can say it’s robbery because we are complicit in their stealing of our money. It’s more like brainwashed we all are. Sucks but I’m on my way right now to get “brainwashed” some more 😁😁

  5. Yea, you're right. Just can't afford that for as much as I use.

  6. Looks good, sounds good. Thanks for the review and making me want some!

  7. Buds are smaller than the Good Green smalls I got recently.

  8. Awesome! As others have already mentioned, smoking isn't allowed in Ohio. Dumbest law ever if you ask me, but what do you expect from a bunch of political asses who have no idea about marijuana use? As long as you keep it hidden no one will bother you.

  9. Took a chance and bought a half of Donny Burger shake by The Botanist. It was a good purchase, nice grind, not powder. 28% THC, tasty, and it gives me a nice head feeling and eases my back pain.

  10. Seen this before. Someone I knew got shorted 7 grams out of a half. I watched him open it and just looking we knew it was short. The dispensary would not take it back. Email to the cultivator got no reply.

  11. No, sorry. That was near the beginning of legal sales.

  12. Looks like a decent grind. I got some ground flower from POW recently that is pulverized like it was ground in a coffee grinder.

  13. Yes, not powder like so many others that just don't work well in a vape.

  14. Tried darn near every link Imgur gave me. Still just a link here. Which link will show a image?

  15. That has always been one of my questions too. Basically, the form does ask if you use any drugs. If you answer falsely and get caught that is a federal crime. If you answer truthfully, they won't sell you a handgun. I think you'd be in more trouble over the false answer on a federal form than if you had to shoot a thief busting into your house.

  16. Mold will make flower taste like dirty socks for me. I get bad headaches if I smoke any.

  17. This sub is set up to allow pictures OR text, you'll have to start the post as a picture post and put any comments either as captions (limited space) or comment on your post once it goes up.

  18. False. To post a picture here you have to post it on a host that allows third party sharing, copy the link it gives you and paste that link here. And if you delete the image in the host it deletes here as well.

  19. So confident in your inaccuracy. I've posted several reviews here, with pictures, never used a third party site.

  20. Yes, but on a PC it's a different setup.

  21. I'm right there with you. Prices are crazy high, and some are simply plain ridiculous. I never buy some brands anymore because they are way out of my price range.

  22. Thanks for posting! After reading this thread, decided to buy one of these bad boys. The additional decarb feature is the big selling point for this infuser. I've used the oven and stove top (old school) method for making butter and oil for ages. Looking forward to the upgrade even though I'm a bit nervous about not getting the same potency. Bud has gotten cheaper, but it's still pricey AF so trying new things is a bit scary. lol

  23. You're welcome and I hope some of the posts here help. It is one awesome machine. The decarb feature is what sold me too.

  24. LOL, opening containers is getting to be more and more of an issue as I get older. I have to use those rubber grips on some things. Always said I've never found a container marked Easy Open that is easy to open.

  25. Haven't seen any seeds in stuff I've gotten lately. A couple years ago found two nice seeds in a batch, and just a month later found four in a different batch. Yes, they are saved.

  26. WOW, nice nug. Had a Super Sour Orange bud like that a few months ago.

  27. yep and velvet orange underground, the l'orange is my favorite of all of them

  28. Have to keep my eye open for l'orange.

  29. Those are both different dates sometimes. Both need to be active to purchase.

  30. I don't buy anything less than 22%.

  31. This is one of the reasons I gave up buying the higher priced "Premium" strains. Most times it's good for sure, but the few times you just paid top dollar and get so-so stuff just ain't right.

  32. Edibles don't do squat for me. I've tried tinctures, same result as edibles. Made my own tinctures, and as much as they were way stronger than anything in a dispensary, nothing. Have to say I've never tried rosins or rso. Price is too steep to test a theory. Luster pods and carts give me headaches. Flower is the only thing that works for me.

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