1. Or to put a limit on the floor. Because if you have to bring players that are (let's say) 68 overall at least, it will make way harder to fit 95+ players and we will have balanced teams.

  2. Now that there could work. Nice idea.

  3. First time I had Mbappe tbh and not really trained him up much but my Furuhashi POTW is still my best striker.

  4. Because everyone loves virtue signalling.

  5. Got a series S and just replaying it myself :)

  6. Thinking of getting breakpoint on black friday sale. You played it yet? any thoughts?

  7. So let me get this straight - you are unhappy because you cannot easily beat a stronger team with your weaker team?

  8. Man I am probably elder than you 😉 we just play for passion , only childs like you aren't aware about this scripted pay to win games .

  9. So a stronger team beating a weaker team is script? OK then lol.

  10. lol its great playing against these one trick ponies and getting free kick after free kick etc etc :)

  11. Can't the douche making this video be arrested? I mean this is blatant hate and harrassment?

  12. Yep its gor much worse tbh. Not fun just frustrating right now.

  13. Sounds like that might be the AI attack / Defence level changing.

  14. Skelos cultist is a medium armour even if it needs light pads to craft it, that's why

  15. OK Thanks, thought it was just OP light.

  16. To all the commentators shouting "Bravo BBC!" - Stop being so naïve. This is just virtue signalling at the highest level.

  17. Sugar, probably the most dangerous and undervalued addiction out there.

  18. All it will take is 2 players to kiss on the live stream on the pitch and the whole thing will come crashing down.

  19. Yer ...just by saying that he's sealed his fate.

  20. And by today you mean sometime in the next week or so. Maybe.

  21. History is important either good or bad and should never be 'cancelled'.

  22. Have anyone else ever found a sub so full of miserable yet entitled twats?

  23. Met a few tonight who seem to magically create delay on xbox when they are struggling or losing.

  24. Have you ever kicked a soccer ball

  25. Lets be honest if you knew you would have told him, rather than realising you don't and hiding your ignorance by inserting a snarky comment :)

  26. Honestly? I've been debating with myself for weeks whether I want to make tutorials. I had the same feeling when I was commenting and the answer was no but thank you for the pseudo-analysis dr fraud

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