1. I want to hold him so bad.. I'm a man too and men have a feeling of protecting the ones they love man this hurts so much I'm dying inside of sadness..

  2. I’m sorry to hear this 🥺 Give it time. Think about the things you didn’t like about the relationship, or things you put up with even though you didn’t want to

  3. He didn't text me much, showed up unannounced.. we were never a couple. We were sex lovers as we called it but he wasn't date able aka relationship material aka didn't like me romantically.. that fucking devastated me and ultimately crushed my heart.

  4. They miss the attention, because nobody puts up with their shit anymore?

  5. I miss him. I miss seeing him smile. I miss the hugs.. the passionate kissing and the kiss on the cheek and forehead he would give me.

  6. Wtf is wrong with me! This whole time I convinced myself he ghosted me! But it was all me! Poor guy tried to approach in person and I quickly walked the other direction ignoring him.

  7. Damn I was just joking. I don't think it ever crossed her mind. Don't slam it girl bc you'll like it too much and never look back. I apologize for my comment if it was taken seriously by you.

  8. Yea usually on my days off I do 1.5 bowl in 15 minx then a 1 point redose a few hours later

  9. That’s good.It’s weird who amohetamjnes work.Some people can really keep it together on a little or even alot.Then on the other hand some people lose there minds doing again either a little and of course and alot.If I was you I’d stick to doing it to enjoy your day.When this drug does get a hold of you in a way that you can’t handle.It’s not letting go.and you definitely arnt.

  10. I've been there.. when I first started using it I was a mess. Overdosed twice, abandoned my job, psychotic, almost got fired from the job i currently am that promoted me twice to senior manager since.. o.o I did a huge, HUGE 180 and shocked my boss. He rewarded me in the end.

  11. Any manager who makes you pay for an ordering mistake/walkout/etc. NEVER pay, and start looking for other jobs.

  12. I've read your explanations and i still have no idea why you feel guilty.

  13. They were in general a nice person but completely gross. Worst was when a cockroach fell from ceiling onto the eggs and she grabbed it, threw it away (still alive) and continued serving the eggs.

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