1. Isn’t this all null if you’re just not bad? I get counters work but I feel like it doesn’t matter if you’re good UNTIL you get to high ELO.

  2. This isnt even how it works in high elo. Im top 500 DPS and GM tank. This sounds like someone writing a tank 1v1 fan fiction, and forgetting about the whole other 4 people on each team.

  3. This is venue prices, and is fairly standard for Red Rocks. Guaranteed rows 2-4 is a pretty big deal. The venue is huge.

  4. Managed to get black marble from UK store, would have thought it would have sold out by now considering only 1K edition

  5. Same. Very weird that its still up there. I almost expect it to get cancelled.

  6. My gaming conspiracy theory is that there will be a big matchmaking scandal one day. Its going to come out that losers queue is real, big brother matchmaking is real, and SBMM is just code for your turn to lose. Someday some dev is going to confirm "Yep. Sometimes the matchmaker puts you in a match where you have a 3% chance of winning. Because its the enemy teams turn to win, and your turn to lose."

  7. Mine are cutting out a lot in party chat. I like everything about them, but I would say 30% of the time my voice is a choppy mess.

  8. How does your statement go against anything they’ve said? You’re in duo, which means that you are more likely to be grouped against other groups - this includes 5 stacks. Someone solo queuing won’t be encountering as many 5 stacks. That’s the whole point of the argument and you are literally providing anecdotal support for it.

  9. What about the 3 solos on my team each time? They proving his point too?

  10. I don’t think you understand the definition of “likely.” Chances are the game would have prioritized giving you a trio and if that wasn’t possible in the queue time limits they aim for, then yes, you might get another duo or solos.

  11. Lil bro doesn’t even know how many people are on each team, and they’re out here defending 5 stacks playing against anything other than 5 stacks.

  12. Its actually insane that literally no one on this sub places any blame on tesla at all. Phantom braking is a very well known issue with both AP and FSD. It is very well within the realm of possibility that this was phantom braking.

  13. I also had Reyna. Doesn't help when it's the go to smurf agent.

  14. Yep. He said bronze/silver and I already knew. Took me getting to high gold/plat to stop getting a reyna dropping 35 kills every other game. They were just having a good game though, according to this sub.

  15. People always complain and never post their tracker. I'd love to see you getting smurfed on 50% of your games but you'll never show it because it doesn't happen.

  16. My man I am in Diamond and don’t really see smurfs anymore. My tracker will show nothing. But I started playing valorant in June coming from being an Xbox player. I’ve played every FPS out there and gotten the highest rank in most of them. Apex, overwatch, halo, gears, call of duty, etc.

  17. I have the same experience. Since ios16, the default weather app has been garbage for me.

  18. Junkrat does far too much damage for the little amount of aim or skill that he takes. On top of that, his ult is far too powerful.

  19. Actual 0 skill. Junkrat needs a rework. No character should be able to just delete an entire team without aiming.

  20. get rid of winston and moira and mercy and sym while you’re at it then, those actually take 0 aim

  21. Which one of those 4 can delete an entire team before they can even react, like in this video?

  22. Holy shit they show the actual video and it is heartbreaking. That dog is so happy to be out having fun with its owner.

  23. I’m going to 100% disagree. 2CP was dogshit and I hope it never comes back in competitive. I would literally rather have less overall maps than see 2CP come back. And the picture they chose was fucking Anubis? Anubis is one of the examples I frequently use for being one of the worst multiplayer maps ever made in any game. Most 2CP games end with one team getting absolutely rolled, then getting hard held. Cheese 0 skill characters excelled in 2CP. It was never a fun mode, and shouldn’t be anywhere near competitive.

  24. I have cut open my fair share of body creams and can say I’ve never seen this…! How does that even happen?

  25. My worry is that since it’s from Amazon, maybe they messed with it. I probably won’t use it now because I don’t know what it is. They should bring back Atlantic so I can get it from them!

  26. Never seen that before! I don’t even know how that could get in there.

  27. Weird right!? Everything else looks and smells 100% authentic.

  28. I like how everyone says "ez just avoid his hook" like all hogs are braindead silvers that just stand and wait for you to walk at them.

  29. Maybe you’re too silver to understand that flank doesn’t mean take an 8 minute route to the other side of the map and get behind the team.

  30. Unless you're playing 1 game a day and getting unlucky, it isn't an issue. I can see how it might be annoying if you play very casually and get unlucky.

  31. This is absolutely false. I've been floating G1/2 for a couple weeks, and almost every game has at least one smurf. Most games have multiple smurfs. If I play 5 games a day, I am lucky to get a single one without a smurf. It is extremely bad, and a huge issue at low ranks.

  32. I stopped playing recently, after being a S1 player with almost 2000 hours in the game.

  33. Any difference in this and the 12”? Weird that it comes in multiple formats

  34. Nope. No difference. I bought these back when they first came out.

  35. Awesome. I had the red self titled forever, and was just waiting on this one. Finally got it!

  36. You know. I’m going to disagree simply on the basis of the first point on Midtown. It’s built like a 2CP point, and it fucking sucks every single time. I’m glad 2CP is gone, and I hope it never comes back to competitive.

  37. Just missing that one for some reason. Go live time was supposed to be 30 minutes from now, but they went live a little early 🙃

  38. Added to the list! It’s live!

  39. I like this one. However Walmart has cancelled a lot of vinyl orders lately, so 🤷🏻‍♂️

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