The magic of Christmas is really just the unrecognized labor of women

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  1. If the bill’s sponsor says this is a mental health issue, are they including funding to help improve that or is it just the ban?

  2. It's a red herring. Being trans is not a mental illness. The American Psychiatric Association, WHO, and other authorities and experts are very clear on this. However, it increases the risk of developing mental disorders as a result of treatment by their community.

  3. I’m not questioning whether it is or not, just wondering if the sponsor followed through on what they think the problem is. The funding is probably needed for other kids who do have mental issues. But saying that the “real problem” is something else and then doing nothing would be standard culture war bs with these clowns.

  4. ...Can you think of any example where Republicans found money to manage or address social issues? It's just not how they usually do things.

  5. 🎶 Come with me and you'll see...a world of OSHA violations...

  6. {The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making}

  7. You deserve to be with someone who values and prioritizes you the same way you value and prioritize them. He won't change, he won't get better, and he'll only get worse with age.

  8. I would love to join but I just began learning Italian through the Language Transfer method! I also have a bit of a background in Latin. Are there any short novels or children's stories that would fit my level?

  9. I'll also a beginner/low level; I plan to start with {Io ho non paura} which is supposed to be quite good and level appropriate!

  10. I keep seeing posts of guys saying and showing the incredibly thoughtful gifts that their wives and girlfriends got them, but have yet to see a similar post from a woman. Time will tell whether they just haven’t posted yet (because they’re doing chores?), or whether the men did not spend similar effort.

  11. I'm not big on online bragging but I'll take a minute to chime in anonymously. My family is...Bad at gift giving. Like, it feels actively bad to get gifts from them. (Think: clothes 6 sizes too big, food you're allergic to, something worn they bought for themselves but don't want anymore, regifting, etc.). So as an adult, I got into the habit of suggesting exactly what I want for any gift giving holiday at a price point that seems appropriate, or something they enjoyed and want to share (game/book/activity/snack). Everyone else just gives me whatever I asked for... Except my husband.

  12. Also as a scientist it's important to understand that consenting practices didn't exist at that point in time. They came from a biopsy taken which was standard of care at that time and just weren't destroyed which sometimes did or did not happen. The consenting process for using specimens in other biological research is actually pretty recent. But yeah they should be destroyed.

  13. Have they made consent a legal requirement and formalized the process finally? Last time I worked in clinical, formal processes for consent for biopsy use were on a hospital-by-hospital basis and still not standardized in the field...

  14. yeah they have. if a group wishes to use samples for other biomedical research the participant has to sign a stored specimen consent which had to outline what a stored sample could be used for including the production of a cell line.

  15. That's wholesome as hell! I'll ride this wholesomeness through the holidays. 🎉

  16. How old? I hate all those reminders of aging even tho I'm mid 20s. Fucking hell Reddit

  17. In the older games, you can make the other players spin out by hitting then the right way with Bowser! He's the best.

  18. Oh Lord, I love my spouse to pieces but he's a SPENDER. I've been working on him for a long time without much success. He doesn't seem to realize that a single income supporting two people today is VERY different from a bachelor living alone on the same income 10 years ago; he only calculates the cost of one person when looking at an activity or travel, and refused to acknowledge that prices have increased dramatically. He complains a lot about the standard of living I can afford for us.

  19. MyItalianFamily seem very through, and they offer full service packages.

  20. Yeah... I've been dropped like a rock, unfriended on all social media (which I'm admittedly not very active on), and then when they break up/get divorced, suddenly I get friend requests on everything... It's only happened a couple times, both by (former) lifelong friends, but really made me question but their intentions, if they were in an abusive relationship, if they only see you as a romantic interest, etc.

  21. I went to a Walmart last month for the first time in about a decade... the self check out started spitting an error code because it saw an"unidentified object"in my cart and wouldn't let me pay after I scanned everything. I stood there stupidly for 20 minutes trying to waive down ANY employee to help me (multiple walked by, looked at me, and ignored me), then gave up went to another self checkout and checked myself out again. There were no bags at the register... Then I got aggressively hollered at by an employee at the door who called security on me, which I found out LATER from someone else it was because they wanted to check my receipt. Spent the next week irrationally convinced I was going to get arrested for using Walmart wrong, even held on to my receipt as proof that I didn't steal anything!! 😂. That place is a dystopian hellscape.

  22. Belated response. Some are inert, yes. In chemistry, inert means it doesn't react and is stable under specified conditions.

  23. My post is kind of long, so moving this to the top: there are several NASA intern programs for high school students. I encourage her to take a look and see if any are a good match with her interests and apply:

  24. Kettlebell swings are awesome for strengthening the core muscles that mountain biking uses. If you're a desk jockey without a regular lifting regimen, this will likely be the weakest link/limiter on your riding duration. Strong core means longer rides that are more fun/less painful (especially if you are a fellow desk jockey).

  25. And we fix that by helping and caring for people who find themselves in difficult situations, not ostracizing them and leaving them to rot.

  26. I guess what you're suggesting here is a widespread, involuntary, long term, lock up hospitalization approach.

  27. I've been trying daily for 6 months now at Chicago... No luck. Sometimes I get to the entry captcha, but I must be too slow because I have not yet landed an appointment. They are the only US consultancy without a wait-list. I emailed them back in... July, I think? Asking if they were going to get a wait-list going, or open more appointments, or reopen cancelled slots for last minute appts and they said they would but... Nothing yet.

  28. This is a really stupid question

  29. You clearly know that being a maid is a worse job than any other job in your area; it's just strange to me that you're trying so hard to justify taking advantage of people.

  30. And you clearly cant read, we are going in circle, i went so far to describe the job so go back and read them.

  31. Yes, I read the part where you said it was ALMOST as good as a regular job, better for SOME people (that you clearly feel superior to), and then complained about providing benefits (which you enjoy) to your direct employee.

  32. I wonder how the natives feel around this time. Must be shitty having to see and hear it everywhere. Especially when they’re still being fucked over.

  33. Multiple tribes have asked people to treat Thanksgiving as a day of mourning or not celebrate it. Even the more progressive folks kind of just ignore this and post maps like "whose stolen land are you on?" then go to dinner anyway, because nobody wants to give up a holiday, especially a happy one that's focused on special food, sports, connecting with family, and is non religious. It is quintessentially (colonist?) American and probably the last piece of secular culture we have outside of consumerism.

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