1. He also became the blazer coach with the most wins in history, all to get fired by Olshey after signing a big extension.

  2. Not so easy when you’re looking for skilled trained professionals.

  3. You're right, I bet if they raided wages, it would be shrink their applicant pool. (/s because for some reason you will take me literally)

  4. I get it you’re making jokes… I work in the trades and everything is fucked because of staffing issues sorry if I didn’t find it funny. We have plenty of employees, getting equipment manufactured and shipped is a nightmare. Company I work for has been waiting since January for 3 new vehicles they showed up last Friday.

  5. Ride or trying to kill? Devils in the details& I would say bird is after a meal. Just my opinion and I’ve seen the video 50 times or more.

  6. Shake and bake for the best high. Or shake and strain if you don’t like fibers in your cookies, whatever

  7. Tell me more seriously, y’all think indiscriminately killing works and I don’t see it!

  8. Hvac installer here bad idea to go up with a dryer vent. Down and out shortest possible way. Straight outside through a outside wall is preferable. I would get in the attic and stub the pipe down and inspect & measure the entire run if it was me if up is the only option.

  9. And so shall she for passing judgment! Seriously its that simple.

  10. Yes and it will attract pests you don’t want as well. Just pay a professional to insulate your home!

  11. Bitch ass cowards strike in a pack, that’s what I say. With out the pack they are nothing

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