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  1. The OP isn't a shopper; they work in the store.

  2. Why? The person bought it from Instacart. Instacart bought it from the store. Using your logic, the warehouse needs to help the customer when they buy a product from the store.

  3. Likely reverse engineering it. Granted, Voyager was able to. But implementing them would be a significant step forward.

  4. I want Picard to fall off a big cliff in a face off with some big baddie, the screen goes black. The sound of wheels on a road, followed by a familiar voice saying: "Hey, you. You're finally awake. You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush, same as us, and that thief over there."

  5. It would be normal tailor stuff. Then once in a while, something really weird (but deliberately innocent) to mess with Odo... because a.) Odo totally monitors everyone's search history, and b.) Garak totally knows that.

  6. And opening the browser defaults to incognito.

  7. Oh that's just standard. He has to jump through hoops to leave a trace.

  8. It's happened in the military too, even with regards to uniforms.

  9. I just hope this is time travel and not a holodeck episode.

  10. It’s gotta be time travel. We’ve seen the holodeck on LD and there’s no reason for suddenly the characters would appear like me and you.

  11. I wasn’t aware our LLR allowed online courses in this state. Last I knew, I was in one of the last zoom courses offered.

  12. Ok, she made it sound like she wanted the whole 6% to herself. Maybe I mis-heard her, but I'm fairly confident that's what she asked for.

  13. Oh if she’s saying 6% from you, heck no. You’re representing yourself. You can always counter her with 2%.

  14. Nope. It doesn’t do that anymore. When the app was acting up, I delivered the order and took pics because I had the address already. Go to mark it as delivered and I quite literally had to drive to the address again just to mark it as delivered. Waste of time but chat was 3 hours wait that day.

  15. Yes. You follow the laws of where you are, not where you’re from. 20 year old that can legally drink in their home country cannot get a beer here in the states.

  16. Hilariously bad, but even worse was Five Swatters.

  17. I think I blocked that out. All because one person kept swatting flies, which were present because somebody would leave open food around the house. Figures that once she was out, so were the ants.

  18. I really like the look of that. But man, more than 500 dollars, just some pieces of wood, someone is getting a lot of markup on that one.

  19. I haven't checked the price of wood recently. But a couple of broken down pallets and some basic woodworking skills (and a miter or even small table saw) and this could be easily doable.

  20. "Ma'am, it might be there for sitting. It's common for residents to sit on their front porch. Have a great night."

  21. I was just going to say, aren't mail trucks federal and certain rules don't apply? I'd figure this sign wouldn't be enforceable.

  22. I wonder if that punch had a little something extra to it, being part Prophet and all.

  23. SC. Previously we always had the option. We had repair procedure or as-is or due diligence, and they took away the other 2.

  24. So now there are 3 states with due diligence fee's that I know of: NC, SC and Texas.

  25. My father is like this. No respect for my stuff or my mom's. But heaven for bid you touch something of his.

  26. My father would do things like this. Might I drive by and check it out? Yes, but not go out of my way, only if I'm already nearby. Not my dad, he'll go out of his way to drive there, stop and take pictures (why, why take photos? that's just creepy and very very wrong but he doesn't see it that way). If somebody is outside, no photos but he'll talk and talk and talk.

  27. Wasn't that more of a licensing issue? That's not the same as cancelling. They don't have a say, unless they no longer wish to pay the licensing fees. But even then the argument could be that the fees are outrageously expensive.

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