1. Mine aggressively prods my pocket with his nose when he knows I have treats 🥰

  2. 20 feet used to be beyond where I could see clearly. I got glasses for the first time at age 39 and that's when I learned that clear-seeing distance is almost limitless.

  3. As a Christian…that bro is high af rn

  4. Nope, I don't know how many books I've read, just that I'll go into a library or book store like 'yep, yep, yep' or 'no, no, yes'

  5. This is my way. I completely turned off jealousy, it was honestly just an annoying part of the game.

  6. This is really interesting. I've personally always associated it with schizoaffective disorder as it presents with mood fluctuations, responding to voices/self/ objects and express some paranoid behaviours.

  7. But thats the thing, I think it used to be just 'Let's put a bunch of random stuff with no mental health correlation under a trait and call it insane' and then they reevaluated the name's correlation to mental health and the traits behaviour changed from there.

  8. When people come to my house and want to give my dogs (one Greyhound, one not) treats. One sits right away, and they stand waiting for the hound until I have to say "... he can't sit" 😆

  9. I get mine to lie down instead! I heard sitting is painful for them, but the number of people who try to get my horse to sit is hilarious

  10. 100% that’s an original Pokémon Crystal that received so much love and play that the sticker has completely fallen off xD

  11. I don’t think taste should be judged. That being said, Witcher 3 kills me lol. I didn’t think it was a letdown at all, it is my fav game of all time. But you’re allowed to hate it without hate!

  12. I’m a bit late to this, but don’t let your dog do this if you have another dog. Especially if the receiver doge pulls away. It can fuck with their leg. Idk the scientific stuffs cuz I’m tipsy right now, but don’t allow it. Cut that shit out.

  13. Seeing the smudge on your screen I thought I had smudge on my screen 😩

  14. What is the point of that feature? Other than getting to see people's thoughts before they can properly articulate them? Seems kind of intrusive if you ask me

  15. I was just saying in general that the writing is better such as world building and the story, not those particular scenes.

  16. Tbf, saying the writing in acotar is better than 50 shades of grey is like comparing a painting to a brick wall 😂

  17. My female is a pale brindle. Her camouflage works everywhere, it’s incredible. If she’s silent and still, which is most of the time, she fades away and your eyes just miss her.

  18. My black noodle decides he wants to run at you in the yard after he's finished doing his business. All fun and games until I'm letting him out at 11pm, and out of the complete darkness charges a noodle at full speed.

  19. probably euro. looks like the netherlands but i’m no expert

  20. Shorter games, story games? Sure. Massive open world games? Usually not, too time-consuming.

  21. I used this on a friend it really upset her

  22. Instead of getting angry you should have got on your knees and prayed for a $100 to test their claims. /s

  23. My grey tank doesn’t either. Granted if I kept playfully bopping him with it he would eventually grab it and play for it for a whole 5 seconds then stop.

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