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  1. Mine are stuck in T212 and HL here in the UK. No possible way to DRS

  2. Are the T212 ones retirement shares? I'm not in the UK, but from what I've seen, the T212 terms are atrocious. They openly admit to lending non-retirement shares, and their terms only cover you up to 102% of the collateral they last received.

  3. I also would love to know, but currently believe I can't. (Not willing to take out a loan against the 401k)

  4. After reading the article, I'm still not clear on why the business would die? Are they renting space in property that is being developed?

  5. For investments such as these to pay back for themselves, we'll just have to burn enough carbon that we'll all go extinct

  6. I'm just sharing my personal logic and am not really upset about it. And I'm not really convinced by allegations that other (anonymous?) accounts on the internet respond hatefully, but if you've seen it first-hand and find it to be compelling that's valid

  7. On the one hand, it does sounds sketchy, on the other hand, taking out a ton of no-questions asked money for 90 days right before the Fed increases rates as previously telegraphed makes a lot of sense. Borrow $1B at 4%, wait 2 days for the Fed rates to go up by 0.75%, deposit the borrowed money to the Fed at 4.65%... and borrowing for arbitrage opportunities is encouraged... what a ridiculous system.

  8. Wouldn't be surprised by a lower number, but I'll YOLO on increased IRA moves and optimistically say 93.5M

  9. How does this relate to GME?

  10. Gonna go out on a limb and guess that it doesn't. OP could've at least bothered to not copy the original options-pushing title, but no...

  11. It has been discussed, I'll give you my thoughts, not necessarily the whole teams thoughts:

  12. That's kind of how I saw it, fuel on the fire for witch hunts, but on the other side, the increased transparency could also be used to discredit bad faith actors.

  13. This isn't helping discussions and frankly is just stirring the pot. Please be respectful to users; mods or otherwise.

  14. Ok, the helpful version of my comment (which has largely gone ignored despite me posting it many times) is that I think it would help the community heal if mods openly and visibly acknowledged and apologized for not being transparent in the relevant transparency post by claiming to ban a user for one reason while there was documented, screenshotted and omitted evidence of them having done it for another reason.

  15. It’s not even worth engaging with her tbh, she sang the same song in the Durham subreddit and is clearly just obsessed with virtue-signaling about driving….imagine having that little to animate your life 😂

  16. Coming from the person who made a whole post to virtue signal about how they think people should drive

  17. It was a joke post with a common gripe. You’re actually serious when you go around screeching about the law, and that’s the embarrassing part, mama 😂😂

  18. The observed effect of "add more 'cleaner' energy" in the past decade has not been to replace and reduce consumption of dirtier energy, but rather to increase consumption of both categories of energy in parallel. What evidence is there to suggest this would reduce coal emissions?

  19. I was initially compelled by the environmental aspects, as well illustrated by Cowspiracy and Seaspiracy. Did you know that 50% of cropland worldwide is used to grow feed for animal agriculture?

  20. Because of the systemic torturing and killing of animals for transient sensory pleasure? 🤷️

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