Guy nails every accent (Via Football Road Trips)

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Laser Haas just posted several documents to his sub, one of them is the motion MNAT used to authorize the disposal of eToys' records following the bankruptcy, acting against their client's interest. Colm Connolly was partner at MNAT at the time and got promoted to US Attorney the same year.

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  1. The market dipping and your assets being valued less is NOT burn rate. Full stop.

  2. Yeah I think the point of the post is that Tiger is liquidation/closing positions so those losses become realized

  3. he passed away a couple of days ago, he was the guy that introduced us to the infinity pool and he was the guy that brought pumpkin pie and cookies and stuff to employees of his local gamestop store on hollidays

  4. Agreed. It got to the point that I knew exactly what they were doing, as soon as they started doing it. Any time they said 'and you testified under oath in your deposition that. . .', I knew they would pull out the deposition and they would make a huge deal out of nothing at all.

  5. I get your point, and I don't necessarily disagree.

  6. Dont hate the player hate the game.. gme popped.. Melvin lost.. still yet to cover tho

  7. I think most stablecoins are going to collapse because they don't have the assets to back themselves, and it's going to cause a massive crypto crash. Ironically, this will be good for crypto in the long run if its goal is to be used as an actual decentralized currency. The big one to watch is Tether. When that one starts to go, watch out.

  8. I think I remember USDC being audited and proven to have 1:1 backing of USD

  9. I agree this is psyops, they are going to press and if Russia collapses I have to think they’ll exploit it. Or maybe the counterattack is underway, how long will it take to get US howitzers and drones in place and get those Polish tanks operational?

  10. If they're actually moving that fast then they are likely making the exact same mistakes that they made in Kyiv all over again. Rushing through lines to 'capture' towns, leaving their flanks and supply lines open, and taking massive casualties. Don't panic, wait and see what tomorrow brings.

  11. Real question is why haven’t either explicitly told their shareholders to DRS their shares if it’s in their best interest to do so?

  12. Was done once in the past, almost blew up the DTCC so they made it illegal

  13. The DTCC can not restrict free speech.

  14. Free speech is a bit more finicky in the corporate world, especially in the stock market

  15. I’m super curious to check the github of this project if possible!

  16. I would like 2 full sheets please (12) - to be shipped to France!

  17. Might wanna look into the relationship between regular short interest and etf short interest

  18. Alors IBKR oui déjà, et puis CS j'attends que ma lettre arrive pour pouvoir activer mon premier compte. Apparemment IBKR ont changés les choses donc à chaque transfert DRS ils vont créer un nouveau compte CS (cette fois je paye les $45 pour recevoir l'activation par email)

  19. Tu as pris les devant c'est top, le changement dans l'interface de IBKR sur le DRS ne chnage rien, j'ai testé moi même les actions arrivent bien sur ton compte existant :)

  20. Ouais, vu que c'est une banque en ligne, ils essaient d'optimiser les côuts/services.

  21. I just hope French help scales up once elections are over and Macron is re-elected. I feel like he’s playing the election game

  22. To my knowledge, ETH 2.0 will unlock PoS, PoS will unlock ZkEVM development and that will scale Loopring so much further

  23. Sounds about right. Didnt make much sense for them to broadcast to the Russian attack force that they had no ammo and were defenseless.

  24. makes sense because the latest info was that they are still somehow getting resupplied

  25. And I believe he isn't being aggro I think he is being extremely cooperative detailing his shit to people who ask him, I do think he has the right to be aggro tho if he chooses to be, have you seen some of the shit people are throwing at him?

  26. I agree with both sides, we should accept that information and investigate it, but I also agree with the other side where we sense stg is off about the whole thing so it's kinda exhausting trying to find the middle ground. It's like we are being offered a whole feast of fruit, but the fruit is being brought in on a dirty platter and it makes us skeptical of the fruit itself until the platter can be checked/cleaned... if that makes sense?

  27. Yea g makes perfect sense, I'll soften up my language a bit

  28. Thanks bruh, I honestly think being more soft will help convince others to reconsider!

  29. Pls don’t give up on trying to ride a bike, got really unlucky on this one. I promise, it’s not that dangerous usually

  30. Got a stupid question: why do all the destroyed armored vehicles look rusted, is it because the protective paint layer burnt up and exposed the metal to the air?

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