1. I haven’t played in years (since right before pendulums). I want to get back into it, but I just don’t enjoy the speed of the game now. I tried master duel and 99% of the games Ive played my opponent has 5 3000+ beaters, negation, 3 face downs, and still like 4 cards in hand on turn 1. I don’t like it and will happily accept not playing if this is permanent, but I’m curious, do you guys think there is a chance that the game will ever slow down again, or is this just the new reality?

  2. -5 yard run, putting offense in a shitty situation, avoids a shit snap, makes guys miss, hits Hodge for a huge gain, but a drop, but naw mariota sucks and is the reason this team sucks.

  3. How come some of my gear randomly changes colors? I'm a new player and my "armor color" during creation was green and purple. I got those boxes with the level 5 gear and i equipped the hood, body, and legs, but I noticed oddly my hat was just a blank lookin white color, as was the body, but the new pants were green and purple. Confusingly I start looking at my gear for some sort of dye option and re equipped my gear a few times and then it magically was green and purple after like the 3rd requip. Is this some kinda glitch?

  4. A wireless router will work right when you plug it in basically. It will have a generic name and password until you log into it and change it.

  5. Hardware in as in go onto a web browser and search the IP? That’s great then, so the modem is what is sending the data off to my ISP? The router is just a medium to connect to between a device and the modem?

  6. Actually now that I think of it you dont need to hard-wire just connect to the network and search the IP, change your settings, then it will reboot with the new settings.

  7. It’s not unlucky when your qb is ass in the red zone throwing and throws it directly above their lineman

  8. Literally his second career red zone interception with about 50 touchdowns. Why do people say dumb things without knowing anything lol.

  9. Yeah that’s what I’m saying about the throw. Marcus wasn’t lobbing it to CP. It was a quick throw to him and CP definitely would definitely get the TD if it wasn’t tipped. He has enough room to accelerate and push himself over the goal line.

  10. Baker Mayfield, Zach Wilson, and Justin Fields (last week!) all got scrutinized for having balls tipped. It’s a sign of being a bad QB. Watch any other game today and I bet no balls get tipped. Ridder should of been starting day 1. Mariota is trash, booty, dog water.

  11. Lmao you’re fucking delusional. Those QBs get hate because it happens ~5 times a game. This is like Mariota’s second all season. Some of y’all are so weird.

  12. Why? So we can continue to suffer having to watch Mariota try and play QB in the NFL? Just end the misery now.

  13. Y’all want your division winner to win?? That’s the weirdest sad shit I ever seen.

  14. Can a player be suspended for conduct detrimental to the team just by being so bad that he single-handedly continues to cost the team wins? Asking for a certain backup QB

  15. Dawg he played a good game. A ball got tipped on a brain dead play call. Y’all casual fans are some of the dumbest people I’ve ever seen

  16. My man. You’re defending a QB that could only lead his team to 13 points and saying he played a good game, and you’re calling me dumb?

  17. With a bad OL and bad receivers, yep. Please, give me your analysis of why he played bad without saying “he sucks” “he can’t throw”. Also, you’re saying I’m a casual but saying the run game that averaged like 6 a carry struggled? Lmao you’re so football illiterate it hurts.

  18. You’re not gonna get every throw between the numbers when the OL is constantly letting up pressures. If it hits your hands you need to catch it if you want to be an NFL WR.

  19. I’m sorry to break this news to you, but Mariota can’t navigate a pocket to save his life. Often bails too early. Often runs right into a rusher.

  20. If you have a clean pocket it does apply to the QB. He rarely does because the OL is horrible.

  21. Commit to the gym at least a couple times a week. It’s different from just getting some exercise at home. You’ll feel AMAZING, mind and body. Your confidence, focus, everything will be great. I highly recommend as everyone I’ve ever convinced to give it a shot has told me it’s drastically improved EVERYTHING in their life.

  22. having so much fun right now that i forgot to review the game . did world completion on a free account just for the lols and upgraded to HoT and Pof right after i hit 100% . no eod yet , but will definitely buy it

  23. Idk why we GF has such an affection for humanoid Pokémon. Why can’t the cat just stay a 4 legged cat???

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