1. I used to be an auditor. In audit, we learn to keep a CYA file. Cover Your Ass.

  2. This is a Fakespot Reviews Analysis bot. Fakespot detects fake reviews, fake products and unreliable sellers using AI.

  3. I just started listening to it this week and saw it last updated in April 2022, so this is great news!

  4. Thank you!! & that’s definitely a possibility bc now that I think of it I have to start slowing down on buying candles bc once I eventually move I may have to do the same 🥺 I haven’t thought about how I can move them w/o breaking them 🤦🏽‍♀️ but I’ll cross that bridge when it gets here 🥴 & thank you! I’m really curious about CW it’s not like anything I’ve ever tried!

  5. I bought a few of these during candle day for $9.99 and I was one of the people who was sent a $9.99 3-wick candle coupon because my CD order was delayed. I just placed that order yesterday, and I bought a few of the scents you have pictured. And I bought 18 of them, which was the coupon limit - even though I already have 106 3-wicks. With how confusing the return policy is getting, I feel like I would sell them on FB marketplace for like, $11/12 each just to make sure I cover the taxes I paid instead of bothering with returning them. Not everyone is a thief trying to offload stolen goods.

  6. Yeah, idk if I’d really give her notice. She already acts like she owns everything…. I wouldn’t be surprised if you gave notice and she changed the locks while you were gone one day. Get all your valuable/important stuff out first. If she asks what you’re doing, say your brother cleaned out his garage and offered to store stuff for you. Once you have your important stuff out, give her notice both verbally and in writing. Keep a copy of the written notice for yourself. It might not be a bad idea to record the conversation on your phone (even if it’s not really legal) and if it goes bad, let her know that you’re recording the conversation just to ensure there are no misunderstandings in the future.

  7. I have the control over me keeping my job after marriage and the clauses in our prenup

  8. Not if he keeps you pregnant. You’ll be financially dependent on him in no time. Say goodbye to any sense of autonomy you may have. Also it’s incredibly wild that you’re willing to convert religions for someone you’ve been dating for less than a year. Obviously you’re not that devout. The more I read your other responses, the less I believe you actually want any advice.

  9. YTA and instead of being sexist you were homophobic. You didn’t make the situation any better

  10. You might not be homophobic in the sense that you’re against LGBT people, but you called someone a f——t as a means to insult the other person. Using it that way (and it’s considered a slur anyway) implies that being gay is bad. That’s why what you said is homophobic.

  11. NTA. And please reconsider moving in with him. If he doesn’t have any money saved to take care of transportation, he’s not going to have the money for household expenses. He’s going to use you as his piggy bank. Plus you’ve only been together for a year. I’d feel awful asking my parents for that kind of money and I’ve known them for 30+ years

  12. He’s actually the most even keel cat I’ve ever met. He’s very friendly and doesn’t even flinch at thunder or fireworks. Good to know though about the exclusivity, no one mentioned no treats.

  13. What a sweetie! While I can’t speak on cat water I can offer other recommendations.

  14. Yep! I do have a gallon water fountain and he gets wet food 2x a day and has the option of free feeding dry food. Thankfully none of my cats are over eaters, but they do like their wet food :)

  15. I’m white so I don’t have any experience with this, but I’d assume only bleaching one area could make you end up looking splotchy. Maybe a dermatologist can help you?

  16. I currently live with my partner so we’re thinking of reordering it and getting it sent to a good friend of ours

  17. I may have to just text a doordash gift card. She lives in a secure access building. Even if I managed to get in the front door, I’d still need a key to make the elevator move.

  18. Drop off a meal, something that can be refrigerated and reheated. There are many things going through your friends brain right now that she is struggling with, don’t let “what’s for dinner?” be one of them.

  19. That was my plan, but she said she wasn’t up for it. Maybe I’ll try again in a few days

  20. This looks like Alocasia lauterbachiana, aka Elephant Ear 'Lauterbachiana'

  21. Awesome thanks! I have a humidifier for my orchids, I’ll place him near it

  22. You’ve been putting him off for months, so there’s obviously something off putting. Why bother when the interest just isn’t there? Plus, he feels a little pushy and maybe desperate? I that the kind of person you want to be with, casually or seriously?

  23. Omg I literally just posted looking for similar podcasts! Lol I love Normal Gossip, but I haven’t heard anything yet about their next season. I also haven’t seen any bonus episodes pop up, but they’re still active on IG

  24. I brought in a stray in July and he didn’t trust me until November. Just keep at it.

  25. My bf works from 12pm-10:30pm and likes to stay up until 2am. I like to be cozy in bed by like 9:30 lol. Our solution? I got him Bose wireless headphones to watch tv in bed and I wear an eye mask and earplugs (he snores sometimes too and I’m a light sleeper and light sensitive sleeper). He also has a pair of earplugs for the morning when I wake up at the crack of dawn.

  26. Dang it. I saw it online and hoped it wouldn’t be as cute as I thought it was lol. Now I need one

  27. NTA. Counter sue her in small claims court for the costs incurred as a result of the abandonment and neglect of the cat

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