1. And another game developer who didn't watch the movie. Those pulse rifles fire exploding bullets. That's why the aliens explode in the Aliens movie. They have a whole scene about it and had them all emptying their guns. "I keep this for close encounters."

  2. Idk, I don’t like the idea that I have to respec for a boss, respec for dungeons, respec for farming the overworld, respec for movement to get somewhere faster. It’s nice to change but the amount I’m having to change just to progress and do damage feels tedious.

  3. Literally a you problem I only respecced once because I wanted to try dagger rogue instead of bow. Act 1 isn’t THAT hard

  4. I've had non stop rubberbanding issues. I have good internet and never had an issue with connection to a game before until now. It's making it so hard to enjoy the game. Im still playing and still going to play all weekend, but it's really getting frustrating.

  5. Guys this is completely normal for a stress test beta. It should be expected this isn’t the games release

  6. Ticketmaster owns almost all ticketsellers in Europe and a lot of venues here as well. Sadly

  7. Do they though? Under the same name? I’m European and never heard of Ticketmaster in my life

  8. No, it's only 1080p. I thought it would still let me select them though?

  9. Well I’m getting downvotes for some reason but high res packs typically mean 4K textures in which case the game might not allow you to select them. I also run 1080p and my max texture slide is medium

  10. I don’t understand this… Coffee makes me very hungry

  11. That is exactly my approach. The lower the contribution, the better. I will not see anything of it anyway when my time comes.

  12. You just eat meals of mostly the things that grow where you live, in season.

  13. There is food for everyone, it's just rotting in trash cans behind a paywall. There is enough houses for everyone, they just sit empty behind a paywall.

  14. Zero evidence behind any of those claims. There’s not even homes for everyone of you have each individual live alone in a western society, let alone homes for the billions of people in poverty.

  15. As you peruse the comments in this thread, consider reminding yourself that a ton of the people commenting have no clue what they're talking about.

  16. Ramos has to be the first player coming from our youth system who is this fucking good and underrated by our fans.

  17. the thing i love about ramos is that his rise to success has been slow but steady. Solid player, seems to be handling the pressure well even in the national matches and playing for benfica has been good for him

  18. If it's reliable, this seems like a reasonable investment for some catering business, coffee shops, etc.

  19. There’s no way that a tiny ass, slow printing machine makes sense over just buying bulk industrialized chocolate. Unless you really want to make use of the customization of the chocolate I don’t see a market for this. There’s also no way this will ever compare to a good quality chocolate as the process is a lot more complex

  20. everyone has a great ability to see a market until nfts are worth nothing and the majority of overhyped shit silicon valley companies fail, then its surprised pikachu face

  21. Bless the French, i wish other Europeans were like this. Politicians should fear their people.

  22. I’m European and I don’t. Other European countries have higher standards of living without making a réveillon about burning cars and stores

  23. It doesn’t matter mate, there is an overarching narrative that Ubisoft is bad and there’s no point in trying to discuss it in todays environment. The truth is you will barely get any thought out response from anyone as this is simply one of those topics most people can’t disagree with.

  24. Wouldn't think so looking at the recent clearly console centered games like Hogwarts. Probably trying not to isolate a lot of the fanbase. RTS games were never on the cutting age of graphics AFAIK.

  25. Rts games were very much the cutting edge of graphics for a long time. Age of empires, StarCraft, rise of nations, total war, coh, dawn of war. The list is long

  26. I agree with your basic point, but your examples aren't great. For example Starcraft's 2D visuals were considered very old-fashioned at release. Total Annihilation had released a year earlier, Battlezone was the same month as Starcraft, and Homeworld came a year after. I wouldn't describe Age of Empires, Rise of Nations, and Dawn of War 1 particularly impressing either. Decent looking games, but not pushing tech in any real way.

  27. So my mistake was that I was referring to franchises and not to individual games. I very much meant StarCraft 2 and aoe 3 for example. Not the first games in the franchise.

  28. Sure but it’s not the clients job to get a receipt. The company has gps tracking and can very easily corroborate that if the driver has been at the address why has the driver not request a signature or pass a proof of pickup? The driver being fired is the most likely outcome here because it’s not in the company’s interest to let workers get away with this

  29. As a country that relies on tourism for economy this isn't well thought through

  30. Answer: they came out as trans femme non-binary and started being less veiled about their anti-capitalist views, so people who took issue with those aspects started unsubscribing

  31. or maybe people get tired of the constant dramatizing of anything. Why is it that peoples first assumption is that people are anti trans when in any other scenario people would be introspective and consider their own flaws?

  32. Lol, except if it weren’t for the EU and the aim of preventing European wars there’s no reason why either Switzerland wouldn’t be wasting half its gdp on the military or literally not exist

  33. Out of curiosity, do you feel this strongly about every war without a good casus belli, or just this one in particular?

  34. The backpedaling is real. Is Ukraine defending its territory a war game or not?

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