1. I would say no. I used to buy the 1480 coin box and you got way more incubators. All the boxes for the last few months have been horrible.

  2. They’ve been horrible, but time-travelling back to 2019 is not an option and doesn’t answer the OP’s question

  3. It’s particularly broken because you can’t actually share a catch card to campfire unless you just caught the mon. I just tested it and the banner still appears on mon I caught yesterday. I gather the intention is to let people call out interesting spawns before they despawn.

  4. Yes raiding especially level 5 raids and also open gifts. Also save junk mon you would throw away to defend gyms for daily coin. When they die just delete them. And you can select the fighters when taking a gym. Just keep reusing the same ones without healing until they die. Then you will have less to heal when you are done.

  5. Agreeing on the raid attacker hint - I do this. To make it easier to keep reusing the same attackers, make a party and just select that when starting the battle, instead of taking autopick or trying to remember what you used last time

  6. I like the party idea. I usually sort on health and select the ones I need. But your way saves time especially when a raid is about to start or someone is berrying the gym.

  7. Yeah, I'm all about speed when it comes to taking down a gym. I have a placeholder party that I just adjust when needed based on the types of the defenders.

  8. I don't think they ever said that it was going to be a monthly event. They're just running them when they feel like it.

  9. In my community, the running joke is that we “forgot the milk” Also covers those situations where we just got back from that trip “to the store real quick “ and find we need to go out again. 😇

  10. I'm already at a 100-stack... lots of Weepinbell, Kakuna, Combee, Delibird... and a random Sudowoodo among them.

  11. You might be able to refill the stack over the next three months, depending on how many tasks you have access to.

  12. I do! I'm about to edit in the current team I'm using with their IV levels and movesets.

  13. If the screenshot you import into pokegenie includes the appraisal, you won't need to import the IVs manually - only the moves. Also don't be alarmed if Pokegenie says that your mon aren't very good IVs for PvP - that only matters at very high rankings. The typing and moves are more important.

  14. Ok, thanks for the tip! I use PvPoke to get the recommended moves and make sure to get them for the Pokémon I use. From what I know, my current team has the best movesets. :)

  15. Yeah, the PvPers around here seem to recommend PvPoke, so that's a great start :)

  16. I wouldn’t trust the hive mind on the quality of Go Fest 22. So many people were complaining about lower shiny rates due to bad RNG but not one statistic ever came out to legitimize that claim. The vast majority of players enjoyed it, the ones that didn’t are just louder than the rest. With the exception of the incense bug, of course

  17. My dissatisfaction with go fest ‘22 wasn’t about shiny rates, it was all about how valuable spawns consistently despawned as soon as I tapped them, and the lazy and careless “just a visual glitch” excuses that followed.

  18. What happened when you restarted your app?

  19. They haven't bothered to change the text that follows that step, haha. Rhi still talks about your Cosmoem.

  20. The one thing that I would like to know that I can't guess from last year's event is: will it be like last year's event?

  21. Level 4 to level 26 wouldn't take long if you're playing every day. Abandon the new account and play the original one, and use the time to find someone in your community to do the lucky trades with. You'll have a better idea of what you need by then anyway.

  22. What happened when you force-restarted the app?

  23. Niantic later removed the toothiness of Blanche's smile, but their mouth still looks a bit off compared to old screenshots I've got. It used to be wider and fuller, and less down-turned at the corners.

  24. Half hatch distance, so I can get more out of my free incubator, and because I don't have a burning need for dust or xp.

  25. I find it wild how literally every time a ticket goes into the shop, it ends up mislabelled first.

  26. And then there are a bunch of posts about it from people who didn't scroll back in the sub to find the other reports, and the perennial advice to restart the app. No shade to OP, though - this is the first report I've seen of this particular instance.

  27. If it goes like last year, Shiny Surskit and Gulpin will be released during random events in January, and then we'll get Cacnea Community Day in February.

  28. this, plus breeding FOMO by giving trainers a bonus if they buy the tour ticket early.

  29. Are you level 31 or higher? candy XL is only available to trainers at that level.

  30. I caught the one and only one I’ve ever seen, on a cold rainy day in my city. We never ever get snow, but apparently it was cold and wet enough for one to spawn?

  31. Probably the game thought it was foggy or snowy at your location

  32. Or it had been snow/fog in game the previous hour, I don't believe snowform spawns otherwise

  33. Either way, the spawn is based on what the game thinks the weather is, not what the weather actually is in the real world.

  34. Ashamed to say I tried both "ultra beast" and "ultrabeast" but not the plural haha

  35. It's weirdly inconsistent with "legendary" and "mythical", haha

  36. While you're looking for cubone, also keep an eye out for marowak - it counts, and the Alolan form sometimes comes to T3 raids.

  37. Ive still never encountered any of them yet. How often do they show up or any tips to get them to at all?

  38. They only spawn on the daily incense, and they're not guaranteed even from that.

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