1. I have my own criticisms of Desantis. For example, his comments on students having on masks at his conference etc…

  2. worth checking Kyle Kulinski’s breakdown of why desantis isn’t what he claims to be

  3. I mean, if our owner tells management to do everything they can to trade for Bedard, I could see it. I'm sure jersey sales would make up some lost playoff revenue...

  4. So all russia has to do to divide turkey from its allies is send some civilian to go to the country, film it and post it online.

  5. This is as powerful as the NDP is going to get without forming government. There’s no way in hell Singh is bringing down this government now.

  6. if they dont act on things they say are non-negotiable, are they really as powerful as you say they are?

  7. “You’re right, I went to the grocery store and all they had was bugs. No normal food.”

  8. Bad player, meh prospect, heavily protected pick? Literally nothing there to get excited about for the captain lifelong canuck who will score 50 this year..

  9. beau walks for nothing then? Take the best offer and run. Or were you wanting to run it back one more time lol?

  10. There’s this incredibly novel idea that’s worked wonders for those who have tried it:

  11. People are excited about x. They want to talk about y and if it relates to x. Ultimately z is the answer. 4 months 1 week to go!

  12. My issue was the questions relating to things this subreddit would have no way of knowing about, outside of a random guess.

  13. I mean i dont blame him for his reaction to them after all this time, not a fan of the guy, but hey i would get pretty tired of people following me around while being with my kids

  14. If im black or jewish, i might have something to say to him spouting hurtful toxic drivel the last few years.

  15. That would be too logical for this Canucks management. Don’t expect anything to help the future outlook of this team.

  16. I get that your angry, alot of fans are. But to have this negativity seep into every discussion about the team, where perhaps its not adding anything of value is fucking tired

  17. some people need a reason, something to be angry about, to explain their deeply felt inadequacy

  18. find your political niche and lean into is the business model, logic or optics be damned

  19. You’re asking this reddit what the next expansion will be before the original game releases? How could anyone possibly know.

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