1. not a great album but influential asf, wayne paved the way for rappers incorporating rock (hell even just guitars lmao) into their music. the album isnt terrible either, its got its moments i respect tf out of wayne for even attempting to make an album like this especially after how successful tha carter 3 was

  2. “It’s just a wound, you want me to finish you off ? Don’t get up!!”

  3. Go2damoon snippet. I remember getting hype on the toilet at work seeing that shit

  4. They go off (check please) I’ll never forget the first time I heard that

  5. Imma be real…he gon do like 70k-90k..when WLR was anticipated that was before he went full punk rock.

  6. I think it would’ve boosted him because if he would’ve dropped in 2019..that’s still enough to for him to drop the WLR we got now but with a different album name..he prolly would’ve called it King Vamp or something.

  7. Me personally I wouldn’t have a wallpaper that includes men I don’t know in real life. Try getting a gf and putting her as your wallpaper. Or maybe go and take a cool pic n edit it and put that as ur wallpaper.

  8. Plus being in a sub Reddit kinda weird no bs. Look at the stuff people discuss on both sub reddits.

  9. Folks that get bitches don’t put they main shorty as they wallpaper.

  10. Real shit I never cared about shoota. I actually hate when the beat drops it’s underwhelming to me. I like that constant build up that uzi brought to it.

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