1. More annoyed that the quality of most of the shows does not do any of the characters justice at all. I haven't seen Peacemaker but Gotham and the Arrowverse are both nowhere near as good as they should be. One of the main reasons I am excited for the Penguin show.

  2. Love the genre so that's what brought me to the world. Coupled with the fact CDPR were making it after The Witcher 3 made such a big impact on me I was beyond excited they were making a first person game in this genre.

  3. Not sure about the best ever but Persona 5 has a fantastic storyline that deals with some really complex issues.

  4. Might be an unpopular opinion but I liked the cyberpunk 2077 story

  5. Absolutely not! The guy doesn't deserve to have anything to do with football for the rest of his life.

  6. I find him funny sometimes, and he seems like a nice guy but my god his new series on BBC is so unbelievably bad

  7. Yeah nothing against him personally as he seems like a decent bloke but painfully unfunny for me.

  8. How about a city you can actually interact with night city looks so good but you can’t go in any of the buildings it ruins it bad

  9. I never understood this criticism. GTA is extremely highly regarded for its open world and yet you could barely interact with any of the buildings. I think its an unrealistic expectation to be honest.

  10. But GTA driving is in a different league

  11. True. But I would argue the writing in Cyberpunk is far beyond anything Rockstar have done on any of their GTA games.

  12. It is also my favourite game ever. I love turning off the mini map, choosing a mission and walking to it but exploring every little nook and cranny on the way. There are so many little stories and conversations you pick up on and the city just swallows you up in its atmosphere.

  13. I strongly agree with the ability to sit on benches and I don't think it would be too hard to implement.

  14. No cinema chain in the word would have agreed to show a 4+ hours long Justice League.

  15. ZSJL could have easily been cut down to a 3 hour movie. Take out the epilogue, take out Wonder Woman's first scene as it has no relevance to the plot and trim some other scenes down and I think it would still have been awesome.

  16. I think if they came out today they may have been more successful. I for one am really tiring of the Marvel formula.

  17. Turn off the mini map. I have started playing like this and find that I really soak up the whole atmosphere of the city much more.

  18. Only one that I knew before the movies was Affleck and I was very surprised and quite a bit hesitant.

  19. Lex. Joker would trick Batman and end up killing all my loved ones. Batman would eventually win but I would have lost at least half my family.

  20. I'm new to Plus Extra but would be great if they gave more advance notice. Saying that I've only ever played the first Assassin's Creed game and don't really know where to go from there as I assume the second and third games are very outdated these days.

  21. The Ezio Collection is next and it is excellent. It has been remastered so doesn't look or feel dated either.

  22. Grealish is a great player. I’d say Mount doesn’t deserve his position.

  23. The problem with that is that whilst the Zimmer theme is great, it’s only really known to Snyder fans and by extension other DC fans. You ask anyone in the general audience to sing the Superman theme and they aren’t singing Zimmer, they’re singing John Williams. That’s just a fact.

  24. But why revert back to a theme from a movie that is almost 50 years old? Zimmers theme is probably the only thing that Snyder and non Snyder fans can agree was a success so I don't think it's a stretch to think it could be the new theme for the character.

  25. Star Wars is all part of the same universe though so it would feel weird and out of place to change it completely. Comic characters are constantly being reinvented in both movies and comics and so the music should follow suit IMO.

  26. The best new addition to the cast in Season 4. Then seriously underused in Season 5.

  27. 40 years with Warner Brothers. We've seen what promises are worth.

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