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The Republican Meltdown on Martha’s Vineyard: When the residents of the tiny island town responded to Ron DeSantis’s stunt with a clinical demonstration of civic virtue, the right just about lost their damn minds.

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  1. From what I remember, the New Testament is actually pretty wholesome (bear in mind that it’s been a fat minute since I read any part of it). iirc that’s the part Christianity is supposedly based on.

  2. Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) was a lot like Siddhartha Gautama (Gautama Buddha). Both were members of a religion (Judaism and Hinduism) they intended to reform into a new age.

  3. They kicked them out of their neighborhood. and brought them to a military base. That’s objective fact. The people of Martha’s Vineyard did not want illegal immigrants on their island.

  4. They kicked them out and did not want to use their resources (mostly the richest most powerful people in the country) to welcome and support them. You can sugar coat it however you like, but the fact is they kicked them out of their neighborhood when they could have supported them.

  5. Affirmative or defensive? Please get back to me when you can find a media outlet that will actually report the number of affirmative asylum seekers vs. defensive asylum seekers. For some strange, strange reason I cannot find that, so hoping you can help.

  6. What does it matter? If they were affirmative asylum seekers, then what De Santis did was use a political stunt to move individuals from TX (where it’s been reported court dates and fake addresses were used to register them) across the country to handicap their ability to make the court date.

  7. I'm not really a bible guy but this is pretty moving especially if you read it right below that Leviticus quote above you

  8. Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) was a lot like Siddhartha Gautama (Gautama Buddha).

  9. Right. Which is why the most prosperous countries have a social democracy with a capitalist economy. It’s not a half measure, it’s progress.

  10. I appreciate you giving nuance to a lot of the “regurgitation” you see in this sub.

  11. These immigrants were lied to and coerced under false pretenses onto these planes. Florida/Texas knew by transporting them across the country they would have no way of making their next immigration hearing, thus being the exclusive reason for their failure to appear in court.

  12. I actually use front left, front right, back left and back right. Seeing as you come in the entrance in the back, looking at the main feature, in the front.

  13. And I wish I had enough privilege to go on pretending everything was fine while the democrats you support butcher people around the world and rob workers blind at home. The real privileged position is to defend oppression

  14. No, “average” is a mathematical qualifier, indicating that it’s classified within a group that outnumbers others in a particular analysis. For example, brown and black are “average” hair colors in this country, because they are predominant among the population.

  15. Exactly. Liberals have banned Twain (the greatest American author) for decades for the use of a word that accurately represents the racism of that era.

  16. Definitely sad to see no matter what side of the aisle it comes from.

  17. This should be on the about page of Reddit in the App Store. It sums everything up to the letter.

  18. Did that Victor Shi guy eat the onion and not realize the article/headline was satire? WTF You should have to take a test before being allowed on the internet. Fuck Boebert any anyone who has used Twitter since 2010.

  19. I think a few articles had tried to magnify the significance of that moment at the debate from viral tweets around it.

  20. You gotta cap them zones bro. Could be the difference in a match like this.

  21. ME: Loses a match where we had a Powerplay the whole time and the other team still stomped us.

  22. This was true before they nerfed tracking. Then they took H&HG away and made WP rounds do half damage.

  23. It's all fine and funny until a black character slightly gets whiter.

  24. Race swapping characters has no issues when the character’s race has nothing to do with the story.

  25. Don't really care tbh. Just hate hearing how any backlash against the blatant black washing is suddenly racist when the same people hate white washing. You can't not have it go both ways tbh. Remember when Hermione was suddenly played as a black woman in 1 movie/play? Didn't really affect the plot or anything now did it, but was it fine? Why not admit that some people will hate it when you suddenly change the race of a character, but expect them to shut up as well when the same thing goes vice versa.

  26. I can’t really speak to that mindset. I don’t really know many people who actually think that way IRL. They seem to be mostly confined to Twitter/Instagram and seem to be intentionally provocative.

  27. That is extremely disrespectful. Biden should skip the funeral if they aren’t willing to accommodate him

  28. No, no, no. A bunch of people on Twitter who were wrong before assured me he will be arrested.

  29. What’s the story in CA? Is there any issue with voter disenfranchisement?

  30. If it makes you feel better they don’t get a tenth of this attention on mainstream outlets like WaPo, NYT, CNN, ABC, etc.

  31. Can confirm. Quit Reddit for a bit and started feeling far more educated by reading articles organically.

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