1. I also went to this clinic..found them second to none, amazing hotel, (Wyndham grsnd) very professional and informative throughout and after care getting in contact hasn't been an issue, I stayed for about 2½ weeks, I'm approaching 2 months and happy so far

  2. Just rest up and carry on taking anti inflammatory tablets, it will subside, you done well driving home, doesn't sound many grafts did you have ? you have to go back in the future at all ?..your right, I couldn't fault the team and everything went smooth, I'm staying in sultan achmed which is very bustling, Travel agents around the corner from me charging tourists 70euro for an all day boat excursion round 4 islands and back...girl that works in the kitchen making the breakfasts said she finishes at 12 and I went with her...I bought a travel card for trams and boat cost me less than a fiver to do the same trip as travel agents !!

  3. Hi Mate, how did it go? Did you head swell much? I can't open my eyes.

  4. Your swelling calmed down a bit yet ?....It was a bit overcast earlier and got a boat onto an island and hired a soon as I got there it was fucking boiling mate, really sunny, hope I haven't fucked anything up...I think there's always an element of paranoia but I did get a hot head..I'm seeing them before I do the offs just to make..just got to try and stay out the sun get back alright ? dramas

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