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  1. Check out my post history - had the same thing happened to me a few weeks ago and lots of lovely people had solid advice in the comments - I ended up getting the charge reversed through my bank. The cab company never responded. Taxis suck ass.

  2. Says pick up and drop off at hospitals. Is that right?

  3. No. Pickup airport, drip off at a residential address in north sydney. The invoice is totally wrong regarding the actual trip performed.

  4. Maybe - but the receipt also doesn’t detail the extras…

  5. It doesn't include the airport fee either and clearly has incorrect info so I do wonder whether based on that alone it would be enough to argue that the entire charge is fraudulent/inaccurate and the cabinet has just made it up off the cuff

  6. 1800 respect is also good community mainstream support to refer to

  7. +1 I found them to be extremely helpful in assisting me to exit a DV situation

  8. Drunk Florida man kicked out of library tells cops he was Jason Bourne.

  9. I had invisalign and a palate expander (anchored by TADs rather than they key version) put in at 25 and I regret nothing. All done now and love the result; it just takes a while to get there unfortunately. I needed the expander to make eoom to bring my front teeth back in as they were starting to peotrude/move and narrow my whole bite. Anyway happy to answer any questions you might have about it the actual process.

  10. Honestly I didn't notice any change to my cheekbones but they were already fairly prominent. The only aesthetic difference was that it totally changed my smile (it is now much wider/more toothy i guess)- my smile actually became gummier and I got botox to eliminate that subsequent insecurity but I don't regret it at all as it made my teeth more functional/less crooked and it can actually articulate more clearly. I was beginning to develop a slight lisp due to previous movement of my teeth so overall a result I don't regret. It ended up costing me approx 15k AUD which is nothing to sneeze at lol

  11. It's.....refreshing to see this from a woman. You hear this from a man 9.8 times out of 10.

  12. The number of men I have come across that don't take responsibility for themselves and expect their partner to be their carer and therapist is far more than the other way around...where are you finding those men?

  13. Well, count me in as another with the mystery illness. Dull joint ache, stuffed nose, and dry cough, which were all started off by a very sore throat. I've got a fever coming on now and really bloodshot eyes. I took a covid test and it was negative but maybe I'll take another. I only had Covid 4-5 weeks ago and this feels very different to Covid.

  14. Your symptoms sound exactly like what I had this week (even the bloodshot eyes) and turned out to be COVID :(

  15. Your computer seems decent. If you are in no need to upgrade atm, then pocket the money or use it for something else. If you just wanna get the best, upgrade your mobo, psu and cpu.

  16. Cheers! I appreciate the reality check :)

  17. "The Fit Chef" based in St Leonards sounds like exactly what you are looking for. The meals are fresh, single serve packed (office lunch friendly) and there's options like keto/vego etc. They offer multiple pickup locations or delivery for a little extra.

  18. "You should wear a muzzle 'cause I didn't ask"

  19. I'm in Aus and got it off Amazon last month :)

  20. Honestly, putting my money where it's not so easily accessible works really well for me (e.g. into investments, savings account on a platform separate to my transaction account). What I have also done is automated transfers from my transaction account to these other accounts the day after pay day so I basically pretend like I don't have that money lol. Really helps me to curb my spending.

  21. Do you mind if I ask which fish oils he recommended? I'm also in Aus and struggle to know which to trust :)

  22. F - I have had fantastic results on my head/scalp but I have noticed increased growth on my upper lip too which is not too difficult to manage. I note that my PCOS does not feature hirsutism though.

  23. I went through a significant glow up with PCOS. Still have a long way to go but this is what I did.

  24. I also have AGA caused by PCOS and have had great success using 50mg of Spiro + oral minoxidil. Might be worth a try for you? :)

  25. Did oral min give you facial hair by any chance? I’m worried about that. I’m planning to start topical soon but definitely prefer oral

  26. It didn't but to be fair that wasn't a major symptom of my PCOS to being with

  27. Please keep calling the police. I wish my neighbours had done the same for me when I was in an abusive situation.

  28. HR Manager, 27, have a Bachelors in Commerce and have been very lucky and worked hard to have unusually swift career progression.

  29. I have a Viera named "Anime Tiddies" and it makes me very happy.

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