1. It’s obviously a wind up. He’s been trolled but still “reacting” to it for his own personal gain. So sad.

  2. Your wrist don’t ever grow. It’s one of the indicators of your frame size the doctors use no matter what weight you are. Unless u do some major lifting and wolfs law kicks in.

  3. It’s slightly less suppression than the full 1mg daily does. You should be fine but who wouldn’t want max suppression?

  4. Well other than sides I have 2 other valid reasons for not doing full dose. Reason 1 is because I'm in college and am only making about 2k a month so I'm trying to save as much as possible so taking less is much cheaper. The other reason was I read its still fully effective because of the way the follicles absorb the fin. But I'm just worried I was wrong

  5. It’s not as effective as full dose. I can’t remember exact numbers but .5 a day (which is approx what your doing over a week) is like 7% less suppression. (?)

  6. You can’t fight nature with nature and min alone won’t stop him balding. Tell him to get on fin THEN min later down the road to prevent the slaphead curse. Min does nothing to your hormones.

  7. Has it always been like this? And do you mean your hairline as the pic isn’t showing anything.

  8. You can see the pic? The answer to your first question is, I am not sure. My face only only widened out to its current width about two years ago, as well as the fact that until recently i kept my hair very long, so it was hard to distinguish. Let us just say it has been apparent for the last 1-2 years.

  9. Yes I can see the pic. What you need to do is pull back your hair and show us the hairline. Straight on level. So we can see if it’s more recessed on one side.

  10. If you slow it down it doesn’t go into the bottle top. Unless my eyes are deceiving me. It disappears in the top half of the bottle.

  11. When you see work you like ask who the surgeon is. That’s why when I see any transplant photo on here I also ask for the surgeon. And if the patient can’t tell me the surgeon then that’s a big red flag.

  12. Amazing advice. I really appreciate this. I will admit my emotional response is surgery next week, but clearly that's not how to approach a cosmetic solution to the most visible part of your body. So, in short, ask question and keep notes. Get enough data points to where I start to feel confident about the surgeon's ethics and competency. This will require years of emotional in intelligence and discipline to not act in haste which is ideal since I'm barely starting medical therapy and need to see where that settles out.

  13. Bingo. You got it. Use the two years it takes fin to “peak”. Ensure it’s working. Get the dosage down. Make sure you know you can do fin for life or as long as you want hair without sides. Strengthen what you have and even get some “regrowth”.

  14. There’s someone on the train talking about her cat. Someone else is desperate for attention, so she’s filming herself listening to the lady talk about the cat.

  15. It would irritate my scalp too much. Sweating and not being able to remove and wash. No thanks. The guy in this video isn’t bald and isn’t applying a wig like a bald man/woman would. He’s not glueing it on to his scalp.

  16. Agreed. Every time I hear this or any fuckin tick tok song / laughter track here I’ll downvote the video before even watching it.

  17. I would suggest taking fin for two years first. I’m going exactly that. It’s was till 18months I saw results on fin. Starting min in January.

  18. I’m gunna get these for around my bed. So when I jack off I can see if I can hit warp speed.

  19. Christ calm the fuck down. You’ll be fine. If your that worried skip tomorrows dose. Some people shouldn’t take fin. They are not mentally capable. You sound like one of them. Don’t be.

  20. Your on fin. There’s no way your going to be as bad as your brother in four years.

  21. I’ve seen a post on here lately regarding this (I might be wrong but Central European user) are having problems getting min in general. Some supply issue. Which means everyone is turning to Amazon/other pharmacy’s online and most probably hoarding because of it. I would too. Wouldn’t want to run out. But for this reason my minoxidil regime I was going to start now is being pushed back till I know what’s going on.

  22. So I have two birthmarks on that side. One is now fully covered and the other is what’s visible. The one you see on the bottom pic is the same one that you see at the very bottom of the first pic . I say I was a nw2-3

  23. Just checked your post history. Why didn’t you say u were using bitcoin? Now it all makes sense….

  24. Haha yeah unfortunately I didn’t take a lot of angles when I first stared. Probably 5-7 yrs on my hairline. I only started this bcus I noticed a sht load of hair falling off rapidly unlike ever before. Yup 31

  25. Ok. Keeps us updated at 12 months at least. All the best man, enjoy the hair growing ride!

  26. Stay the course. I was better at six months, worse at 8 months, back to baseline at 12months, and at 22months it’s thicker than baseline. Diffuse thinner. 1mg day fin.

  27. Well imagine it without the beard. Because I bet you can’t grow one.

  28. I was wondering how their wives convinced them to wear such weak drip, then I saw that they're balding 40 year olds and it clicked.

  29. Agreed. Lots of downvoting u but ur right. Not one of these men said “nah I ain’t wearing that”. Speaks volumes

  30. Does that apply for everyone tho? I thought everyone’s hair loss was different. I still have good coverage overall it’s just my hairline is receding and crown is thinning

  31. Didn’t see a lick of results for 18 months. Never had this shed people here talk of. It’s also not common to have a shed according to a doctor I spoke to. People here are just hyper vigilant about there hair fall after starting.

  32. Ok fine what about ashwaganda is scientifically proven with science studies to be the magic molecule for health, is that better?

  33. “ashwaganda is scientifically proven with science studies to be the magic molecule for health”. Again, no it’s hasn’t.

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