Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. I mean… in what situation? I’ve been chest deep frozen into flooded timber for hours with a frozen A5 and it never skipped a beat. It was full of muddy ice. A BPS may be just as reliable in that situation, I haven’t tried one yet. But I know the new A5 isn’t lacking reliability one bit, and that’s from real experience from months of hunting duck, turkey, dove, and goose in grueling conditions for any gun.

  2. More fuel for the leaf lickers to get trails shut down to motorized recreation. This happens everywhere we ride be it the west coast of Canada or the east coast of America. Hikers, mountain bikers, horse people, all want our trails for their own private use. Don't give them a reason. Maintain the balance and don't be a dick

  3. There is no balance. If it were up to them, there would be no ATVs, no SXS’s, no trail use for us at all. It’s us vs them forever.

  4. Remington 870 Express Magnum. Gave $275 for it out the door.

  5. Because we spend a lot of money subsidizing your country’s defense budget and doing your job of protecting your country from foreign invaders. :)

  6. The KQ is a more powerful ATV but is largely neglected nowadays. You don’t see any KQ’s on the trails or out mudding. But everyone has a Honda. The reliability is there, the aftermarket support is huge, and they’re nice machines. Only 31hp though. I vote Honda. The KQ is a vestigial relic from a time gone.

  7. Freedom or some such nonsense. It's the same reason some states don't require helmets, completely stupid and unnecessarily dangerous.

  8. Just a hit piece on anyone that doesn’t toe the line when it comes to Covid…

  9. Not really. She spoke out at SXSW and it was being reported. Also, how is watching out for everyone's safety "toeing the line"? Or are you one of "those people"?

  10. Bro don’t try to put me in some category like that, I ain’t any type of person when it comes to Covid, I’m just calling out what I see.

  11. They don't give a shit about children in general. Not a single one. Every single time a conservative claims to be "protecting children," it's a complete and utter lie fabricated to cover up indefensible bigotry. Abortion? They don't give a shit about babies, it's all Biblical. Trans kids? They could not give one single flying fuck about whether or not a trans kid gets treatment and regrets it. It's all about hating trans people. We see that they don't give a shit about kids having their heads blown off in classrooms. Not one single flying fuck. Neither have they ever given a single shit about the fact that the US has the highest infant mortality rate in the developed world. When have we ever heard a single conservative say one word of concern about babies dying prematurely, or proposing ways to fix it (like getting better healthcare to poor mothers). I can't imagine they've ever given a fuck about a single child outside of their own families (and even that's debatable, given how eager they are to shove guns in their kids' hands).

  12. Shit, keep that gun , A-5’s are sought after brownings especially the older style. I’m a big fan of browning I don’t have the auto5 only b/c I’m not a fan of the barrel position above the grip. If I had one handed to me for free I would definitely keep it and be shooting it

  13. Auto 5’s aren’t as sought after as you think. The new A5’s are what’s pulling in the big money at the moment. The older Belgium ones that couldn’t shoot steel, 3 1/2’s, etc are worth half of a new one.

  14. I wouldn’t say sought after as a collectors item I say sought after in a way where I’ve grown up with a lot of hunters who grew up using Remington/mossberg/Winchester pumps semis b/c their much cheaper. and the glory deer gun was an auto5 but to the ppl I’ve met they just couldn’t see spending upwards of 1K-1500 for a gun their going to abuse in the woods. And still to this day deer hunters love that gun. As I said I’m not a fan of them, but I am a fan of browning shotguns for their reliability. And for me spending that amount didn’t bother me , if it’s something you love to do price shouldn’t matter.

  15. I can agree with that. I spent 1800+ on a modern Browning A5 that I used every day duck hunting this year, and am about to take on many turkey hunts this season. It was worth every penny for what I do, how much I use it, and it’s reliability. I couldn’t trust or beat up on my old Sweet Sixteen Auto 5 the same way I do this one. Work Horse vs. Pretty Skeet Gun.

  16. My name is Sellout Green because when it first came out I held on to not downloading it as long as I could and when I finally did I felt like such a sellout 🤣🤣🤣

  17. How much more stuff do you think you need to bolt onto that thing before it’ll work?

  18. At this point, when anyone tells me they’re conservatives, I just assume they’re moronic pieces of garbage, and move along with my day.

  19. You’re really acting like me saying that it’s overrated is the same as saying it sucks.

  20. Username checks out. Why do trolls like you post when you don't know what you're talking about?

  21. I definitely know what I’m talking about and as said above I’ve run that gun, I hunt with shotguns. Maybe instead of being mad someone has a different opinion than you and attacking them, realize you’re hot about it because you’ve invested your ego into a subpar toy of a shotgun.

  22. Yeah it’s not easy getting help On here mostly trolls

  23. It’s mostly people who are tired of being asked “Four wheeler broke what do to fix?” With minimal information and it’s obvious the OP has never turned a wrench in their life.

  24. Can't understand the attraction to stealing Catalytic Converters. New ones are available on Ebay for $100

  25. Price converters for a F250 diesel. Or a duramax Sierra. Or for a Prius.

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