I made a trailer for Revenge Of The Sith in the style of Thor 4.

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  1. Because there's nothing worse than running for your life only to get blocked because a team mate has barricaded your only exit:)

  2. "Not only do you have a big dick, you also have a big heart"

  3. Maybe a bit mate but setting up parental control is advised:)

  4. How is it now Xbox series x vs ps5 version? Is one better than the other to get it on console? Edit: there actually isn’t a video to compare the two

  5. It's 4K/60fps for Xbox Series X, and 1440p/60fps for PS5. Graphics look the same, which isn't really a problem as it's already beautiful

  6. I put a nice height table in front of my couch, with plenty of room for the foot rest underneath. Coffee tables are too low and far away, I slide that table around all the time and I love it.

  7. tbh you'd probably get better use out of a bluetooth keyboard than a mouse, communication is pretty important sometimes

  8. I've been using a keyboard exclusively for coms for a while yes but somehow I never thought of using a mouse too :)

  9. I love the small yellow chair! Any idea on the brand or what to call a chair like that?

  10. Hi ! It's only yellow because if the Sun, usually it's more light brown leather. And i believe it's called a club chair, a bit like this one :

  11. Is ok guys, digital get ps5 is also not unlocking it...

  12. Same for everyone yeah... I guess I'll buy the PS5 version and ask for a refund later on

  13. The game isn't on PSN right now. Only the base game and the adventures bundle for the ps4. I dont even see the definitive edition.

  14. It is in New Zealand lol, guess it'll gradually spread to the other time zones :

  15. It's the Musée de l'Orangerie, in Paris :)

  16. D’une maniere ou d’une autre on peut s’entendre qu’elle a ni l’air ou ressemble a ses photos insta 😉

  17. Hahah ouais je crois qu'on peut s'accorder là-dessus 🤝

  18. Hmm maybe we come from different French dialects but look like would be more “a l’air” for example: she looks like a doll would translate to “Elle a l’air d’une poupée” where as to she resembles her photos would translate to “Elle ressemble a ses photos”

  19. Aaaaah oui, mais là c'est plus "à quoi je ressemble" que "je ressemble à mes photos" 😊

  20. Hi ! Newbie here, got started with the Executive carreer and am wondering what my next step should be : better get a Warehouse next, or save a bit for the Agency/De Dre thing ? :)

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