1. For those who've seen this, is it worth all the hype? I don't doubt she was good but the hyperbole being thrown around was kind of cringe.

  2. Thanks. How was her performance?

  3. Fantastic. After I saw it I wasn’t surprised she was nominated.

  4. Food is food. I am a human designed to eat other animals just like how other animals are doing so. I may be more intelligent compared to animals like lions...etc but that's the food chain. :P

  5. Nice! Should we dm you for your picks or will you post them?

  6. ISO: iTunes/MA I don’t know if there are codes out there for these.

  7. ISO Violent Night. Prefer 4K (if it comes in 4K)

  8. Too many comic book movies on this list other than that it’s a good list. Also, more foreign films are necessary. Such as Ikiru, Lagaan, and The Hunt to name a few.

  9. Congratulations! Does he post his parlays somewhere? I checked the instagram and it looks like it’s just winning tickets.

  10. It's literally a scam. Don't entertain or even talk to this guy.

  11. Those were last night bets tonight I’m posting again

  12. Best picture: Top Gun: Maverick. Is it really that good?

  13. No, I’m not a YouTuber or Scam Artist. Just a guy who likes to gamble on sports lol. I can post Day 3 if you want it. Would be around 6:30 EST. I try to do it will all of the news out

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