1. Yes I did it, everything went fine and they paid me. Just be careful and search on the internet where the phone number is from, you dont want to pay fees if the location is not in your coverage. Edit: en gros fait juste attention si ton forfait de cell ou telephone fixe ne te charge pas des frais pour des appels. Le numéro que j’avais eu venais d’ontario et je suis avec videotron donc j’etais correct

  2. thx - I have not gone along with it, but I will now. They just reached out and raised the payment. And gave an explanation as to the use of the app.

  3. And how did it turn out? I have the same as your initial question.

  4. there is a bunch of Quebec movies and tv shows for free! And some others need the subscription.

  5. But you right I was just telling my gf how discouraging it is this month. But I’m taking my time to build some solid leads and network so there’s that. Just not very fulfilling. Keep on trucking

  6. Peleó muy verga moreno, se apresuró un poco en el piso pero chingon

  7. I have a theory that if I was Brazilian I would love to see big international names fight rather than mostly locals.

  8. Oh definitely. You get a client and they’re yours. Got many times the return on investment. The only thing to watch out for a folk who have no idea what they’re asking for, like people who want you to produce their YouTube having no realistic understanding as to the cost that would entail. But for events etc.. I’ve got all the work I can handle

  9. Gotcha ! That’s awesome I’ll have a second look! Thanks

  10. Look up Nowornevervdo This guys does a lot of music festivals Mostly techno

  11. 24mm GM f/1.4 and the 50mm GM f1.2. I usually take 4 lenses on trips. Each day, I take 2-3 lens max out based on that days shot list. Sometimes, my morning shot list and afternoon shot list require coming back to the room at lunch for lens swap.

  12. Do this: Sony a7iii Get a zoom lense for sure Mini pro 3 drone Shotgun mic Tripod

  13. Used open AI to write a video script and then an AI voice over to top it off. Video came out great and the voice audio is just perfect

  14. How you liking the a7iv for video? I’m thinking about upgrading to this body soon.

  15. It’s great. Downside for me is the crop at 60fps

  16. Very safe ! Download the app taxi coop. It’s cheaper than Uber and you don’t have to pay within the app just cash or card after your ride.

  17. While we're recommending apps, here's my list of Apps for getting around Quebec City :

  18. Hey I reached out to this via upwork and never heard a response ! Maybe you ought to respond people

  19. Hey man what vintage lenses you found work with FE Sony mount ?

  20. La Gueule de Bois is a really good place to have dinner ! Great ambiance and the food is fantastic!!!

  21. I have a lot of canon EF and RF glass. Maybe better to go with a canon body and put one of my lenses on it instead of a camcorder?

  22. Yeah and she can have many lenses to play with as it can be super fun when doing video!

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