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  1. Any specific chart from their site, they have a low, med and heavy chart, no worries if you don't know I'm just curious, what are you using for bennies/ bacteria such as orca, great white

  2. What was you dosage per gallon? Did you feed less compared to the chart or did you use any specific feeding chart they provide for the gh trio nutes

  3. Is it called Jack's 321, insearch Amazon and found Jack's nutrients? Just curious seen others using it with good success

  4. Try putting a verging plants fan leaf inside and let rh come up on its own and see if it'll how itself there without the packs. I usually do packs after the cure. But I use small hydrometer to see temp and rh, I've been mixing between jars to maintain my 60-62%rh then transfer into my grove bags and heat seal them bitches and leav them alone in a dark nice place.

  5. Well I still wouldn't trust any plant coming to me online even so an mj plant from Amazon.

  6. Well I was wondering about the droplets, but just in general I'm assuming though, I've never had that in my indoor grow only outdoors.. but the environment around the grow spot needs to be considered 1st and foremost, cause all this growing time wasted to get this to happened is a killer and waste. Good luck growmie, keep it going don't stop, pop another seed in a solo cup and bounce from there.

  7. Beautiful. Bud structure looks very similar to the Wedding, too.

  8. Thank you, now comes the hardest part...Drying... can be hell when trying to dial everything in, with little bits of changes can screw shit up. But that's the game of this. But definitely excited, got a few more popped and trying a dwc bucket.

  9. Jeez what did you do? If this I an indoor grow, get that basement cleaned the fuck out. Lmao

  10. I picked up during their 1st release this year, ran one and it's frosty than a mother fucker, shirt but some thick bids, check my pic I posted today. Few more days before the chopp down

  11. That same aluminum film you have right there is what I use to make a cover for the ladies, give it a try, take 2mins and save you 3 months hard work...keep growing growmie

  12. Growmie, if you dont put more hydrotone pebbles over that alge rock wool you might regret it soon, cover it up, you don't wantbthat slime getting on your roots and then into the main bucket, your asking for problems, put some sort of cheap dying cover. I used a piece of my mylar film I got from home depot, I cut a big circle the size of the inner pot, then a tiny hole and a slice along so that I can open it a little bit and place it over the plant and covers pebbles and my rapid rooter, and you pr3vent light from making its way into the bucket. Fix it homie.

  13. That don't even look done yet,smh, this is a slow game, no need to rush, patience, she'll tell ya...

  14. Wow, big grow. Looks nice, I'm very curious though if you dont mind me asking. But what is you electric bill look like monthly, running all of those things.

  15. Just trash it, use that same soil, mix it up and start over, I've decide to go away from starting seed in its final pot, I prefer to start in solo cups let roots build first few weeks then transplant into final pot. That way it easier to manage and water a solo cup grow, those have been my success grows going that route.good luck brother, it's sad to chop but that's so much time wasted on this tiny plant, plant another one

  16. What are you using for soil and nutrients? Monster plant for day 60, very impressed, great job.

  17. So how long do you leave them in the paper bag in the fridge for? Any specific temps/rh in fridge? Do you dry in the paper bag itself until trim?

  18. Did you top all of them ?what are you feeding them? Looks beautiful

  19. For your outdoor grow you just keep top dressing it with compost I assume? I did my 1st outdoor, but my direct neighbor squash all got major pm and that shit literally over took both my girls, chopped and tossed one, the other I just did some bud washing on a few kola but that shit didn't do nothing for that, gona cal ot a loss but definitely better next year, ima also an indoor grower with 4 autos going as my backup cause I had a feeling outdoors were gona be no good

  20. Is tgatbtge promix from home depot or ones from grow shop, I have promix hp. So your using your homemade compost throughout the whole time or any brand specific you add.

  21. Make sure you have acc signed up and payment saved for quicker purchase when shop opens on monday

  22. Google Marijuana leaf defiencies, you either find it might be a calicum defiencies. Check it out, maybe bump the calmag up some

  23. What's the milk do? I've seen some threads mentioning milk but most were lime, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide

  24. I'm gona harvest probably tomorrow but not worth all that spraying, I have and used trifecta crop control but I didn't see any results

  25. Will do tonight or tomorrow, found some tiny caterpillars in some buds when I checked today, will do a bud wash and see how it does and then I'll decide if I'll continue to dry and cure or burn her. But will definitely give it a go.

  26. Here’s what I just did. Remove leaves with PM. Spray plant with hydrogen peroxide and water. Put a fan directly on plant 24/7. Spray again 3-4 days later. Working well.

  27. What ratio of hydrogen you use? How many ml, or which specific hydrogen peroxide should be used for this? I can put a fan outside derr, plus I'm in northeast, getting some what cooler out lately, but I have trifecta crop control at the moment for maintenance, probably do some big ol fan leaf defoliation to remove the big girls

  28. But the pm spores travel through the wind, so that's the only way possible on top of some ugly night humidy fluctuations, everything was dine up until this past weekend.

  29. Looks like a micronutrients def, manganese from looking at pics online

  30. That's true, but let's be honest here, 1 bag alone cost like $5-6 bucks compared to constant jar burping, on all jars, only to not forget about capping them after burping , if you let it sit out, yes I have jars too but haven't looked back since, fuck all that burping, I've over dried because of forgetting to put lid back on.good luck homie.

  31. I would also recommend grovebags, stabilize your temp/rh, heat seal and put those ladies away, deff prevents constant opening and sniffing.


  33. Are you running any microbes to help with nutrient uptake, this happen to my last soil auto grow and I was having major ph issues in the low/mid 5s, wasn't able to bring it back up, Google leaf defiencies and you'll find you answer and problem, I have a few sites saved for me to look at when I notice something on the leaves and I'm able to prevent now.

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