1. I have the G Pen Elite 2 and it’s awesome! There newer stuff is pretty good. Don’t let the old rep fool ya.

  2. They have good customer service. I’ve had 510 carts that were bad and they provided full refund.

  3. I think there’s a use case for both. I use my dry herb vaporizer at home mostly and use my 510 at home but mostly out and about. You definitely can use the mighty + and 510 vape anywhere. Sometimes you might not want to grind herb up and just take a quick hit. Then use the 510 battery. Best of both worlds

  4. I’ve heard of people complaining about the quartz tanks leaking but I’ve never had any issues. I’ve bought 4 so far without issues. Blueberry muffin was bomb, WDZ was good and truffle T. At 30% off wouldn’t hurt to explore.

  5. Blueberry Muffin live resin Certified Cart / Pineapple Express live resin Pax Era Pod

  6. I love these. I just went through two. That’s the thing I wanna go back and grab like 10 or 20 and was looking forward to a closer dispensary but $140-$280 difference is a big difference.

  7. I feel ya, I love pax pods. The are smooth and terps are amazing. My only issue as since it’s a California company not many dispensaries have them. So when you see them you got to grab them all. And they are hardly ever on sale.

  8. Pax doesn’t get enough love in Ohio. Perfect temperature and session control for all different concentrate types in the base $20 battery that is Bluetooth capable. Head and shoulders above luster pods, but everyone is in the luster pod cult for some reason.

  9. Yeah, that’s because Luster pods are everywhere in Ohio. They are ok, I agree, the session control and temperature settings are top notch on the Pax. I hope we get more variety in the future. I’ve seen Pax has there own Live Rosin line in California. I’m smoking on the 1 gram Dosi Roll now. The lemon flavor is awesome.

  10. I purchased an Era and it took a long time. There is some sort of shipping issue with it? Don't really know. I think it was close to 2 months before I got it.

  11. I purchased and Era Pro and it’s been 3wks. They use something called Aftership but the tracking never updates. How’d you get yours, did you have to sign for it and how did you know when it was arriving? What carrier was it? I’m concerned I’ll never get my stuff.

  12. It was a GSC tracking and mine never updated either. Mine came in the USPS and was in my mailbox, no signature required. It was just there one day, no updates or notifications. It took a lot longer then normal packages and I'm in the USA so depending on your location that may be why its taking so long. I think there is also weird shipping laws around this type of product?

  13. Ok cool, thanks. It’s definitely something with carts or pods products. I’ve ordered ground herb vapes and product came like normal.

  14. Did you pickup your Dosi Rolls pax pod? I have the Hundred Percent Labs Dosi Rolls in ceramic 510 cart and it’s amazing. Wondering how yours taste?

  15. Where do you get them from? Been trying to give them a try forever but they are never in northeast Ohio. I keep hearing the live resin and live rosin pods are delicious

  16. Every trip I take to my dispo is over a hour

  17. I guess I’m spoiled. I have 3 within 20 min of my house. They just don’t have the best deals sometimes.

  18. Thanks for the heads up! I’ve had a couple of cart issues with manufactures but they have all been good with refunds. Just remember to take pictures of all your receipts from dispensaries

  19. Had this same problem with One Hundred Percent Labs LR cart I got last week. It was clogged as hell and I wasn’t even using anything over 2.6 or 2.8 volts. So I put it in front of a heater for legit 10 seconds to get it moving (cause it recommends that on the packaging) and it straight up leaked out the bottom.

  20. Contact them bro. I had same issue and as long as you have a picture of your receipt they will refund you.

  21. I’ve been wondering how these were. Happy to see people enjoying them. Gonna give it a go once my cart supply nears an end.

  22. Cart or flower? I’ve had the carts and it was the bomb!

  23. A new rock bottom. This is the lowest point for this franchise post-SB50.

  24. Yea, was super confusing it’s called a luster pod. How is it? What you think, is it distillate?

  25. Has anyone tried COKOH pods yet? It’s strange but Bloom lists them as luster pods but they look like Pax pods. Not sure if it’s distillate or some type of live resin but doesn’t clearly identify either. Who are they? What does COKOH mean? If any\one has had any experience with them let me know. Thanks!

  26. Yep, been buying Certified Cultivators live resin carts. They are really good! I’ve had WDZ and blueberry muffin live resin carts. Snag one

  27. Holy shit! I had no idea! Haven’t paid much attention to certified. Are they leaky?

  28. I’ve had many of there carts without issue but I have seen some people say they have leaked on them or clogged. But I guess that can happen with any brand also. I recently chatted with a guy on Reddit that had one clog but I told him to contact Certified and they gave him a full refund. So nice to hear they support their customers.

  29. I really like Bloom in Akron. Can order online and pick it up. They actually text you when your order is bagged and ready. Also they have an online order booth so your in and out in less than 10min that’s separate from walk ins

  30. Yeah I take nice easy pulls too, definitely notice more oil gets sucked up the harder you pull

  31. You should go ahead and contact them. I’ve heard they’re good with communication and refunds. Let me know how it goes

  32. Yeah they got back to me in less than a day and are offering a full refund

  33. That’s good they got back to you so fast and offering full refund. How do they refund you back when bought from dispensary? Are they aware of cart issues?

  34. WDZ is a cross of Orange Blossom Fizz x Lemon Rntz; WDZ technically refers to “Who Deyz,” however, due to state regulations they needed to change the name to WDZ instead. This batch of WDZ Live Resin tested at 71.1% THC with a total of 9.4% terpenes.

  35. I’ve had the WDZ Live Resin cart and also the Blueberry Muffin. Certified is awesome! Flavors/Terps are really good and affects. The glass carts are also amazing and better than the ones with metal coils that could leach into the resin over time.

  36. How is the flavor? Just saw this one at my local dispo and it’s 30% off. Any good? I had the lemon dosido’s ceramic cart and it was really good

  37. Complete fire, have a little bit left. Terps are amazing

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