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  1. It's possible to get this chart fully covered before earnings! T-8 Days.

  2. Inside is lined with LEDs. That’s the solar panel on the back

  3. Cool Idea but honey loses some nutrient in direct sunlight and can expire. Darken the Glass or build a bigger roof.

  4. I’m interested in the technique you used for that rice.

  5. Same question. Also for the tuna.

  6. Diced tuna and mix with a little mayo and splash of soy sauce

  7. Had a rectangle mold, chilled in freezer for a little bit, then pan fried

  8. It is not the heat! I had the same problem, this happens when i gets in contact with blank iron!

  9. That was quick lol. Has not even been been half a year.

  10. These frames are still very good. I would not replace them until they are falling apart or won’t support comb. Many people use frames for years and years.

  11. We replaced the front office. Let’s also replace the design/creative team….

  12. Edit: Ops I had Wong cheese I'll leave the anecdote up even though some peeps are on a downvote mission I miss read it as this my mistake.

  13. Sourdough or white bread, American cheese, plenty of butter, cook it low and slow

  14. Hey! I love your book and website! It was a full griddle process so most definitely. Thank you!

  15. You gridded that bread, didn't you? Perfect.

  16. It's overpriced for sure but I believe it makes grilled cheese next level delicious. There's a lot of hate around it which I'm not sure why.... did they hurt someone?

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