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  1. uj/ can't even laugh about this. This sinister invasion is such a terrible waste of life.

  2. Yeah, and it's a waste for both sides, I saw an article about a Russian soldier who surrendered, he didn't know there was going to be an invasion, he thought it would be just training exercises, he was my younger brother's age, it hit me hard.

  3. What a bummer, I thought he did that legitimately. I didn't even notice he cut out his coins and nth metal to hide it too.

  4. Uj/ well technically speaking 2 of those projects are outsourced to third party developers and the new IP is probably like a decade away. Doing 2 simultaneous projects is fairly standard for large AAA devs with several teams. That being said I imagine crunch will still sadly happen but I don't think they're necessarily overextending themselves.

  5. Uj/ What I don't understand is WHY they are announcing stuff that isn't even out of the paper yet. It's like they're the complete opposite of Rockstar. While Rockstar takes years to announce their projects, only revealing them when it's in a presentable state, CDPR announces them before they even finish the papers.

  6. Damn, his dmg is shit even at EX lmao! How does he fair in online battles? Can you even take advantage of the 10x dmg he can offer?

  7. Okay so I’ve tried SOOOO HARD. I’ve geared him in so many different ways and I just cant use him. He’s only good when he’s at 20% health or less, but his attacks are slow on top of that which means he never lands a hit. I’ve tried no damage builds, nekrons scythe, Astro harness everything. It’s just so ass 😭😭😭

  8. Xcom rule 3: “save scumming is totally legal and nobody can stop you”

  9. back when i played the original xcom i made up little narratives for everybody on my squad

  10. It's really average, a big disappointed imho compared to Arkane's previous masterpieces.

  11. Yeah, I had already played Dishonored 2 and Prey before playing Deathloop. The game doesn't have the same replay value as Dishonored and Prey, and the same can be said on it's story and world building.

  12. Green Arrow for juggling and is equipped with the super pill, nw sticks, and kama for maximum basic attack crits and life steal.

  13. Shazam has a very powerful sp2, you could consider giving him your best sp2 gears (Totem, Death Cart, Demon Blade, Demonic Cloak, etc). I also see you have a FP Aquaman with good stats to Pair with him. You might consider using him instead of green arrow (I personally think he's better, but that's just me). Overall a decent team, and as long as you are winning and having fun, don't worry about metagaming too hard

  14. And if they refuse hit them with "so you don't love her enough to pay -insert price here- to sit next to her?"

  15. I would love to see a playerbase meme a spoon weapon into existence again, like what happened in Payday 2.

  16. I remember when i struggled doing elite* it was mostly cause i wasn't having much critical, bleed or stun. If you can't do those in reasonable time you should keep doing veteran imo

  17. At least Duke Nukem had funding problems and was developed by an extremely small crew and even just stopped for a while.

  18. Only if we became exclusive, as in I am the only guy doing the deed on (and off) camera, other women are fine but no guys. IIRC some pornstars do this. This would apply to any pornstar, regardless of money.

  19. Yes, only once or twice though, but I have this funny of story about a chemistry test I had in high school.

  20. So, writing 7 words on a piece of paper, is worth more money than sleeping 8 hours straight?

  21. I would love to be a Dungeon Master and write about the world in great detail, and I would be even more delighted to be able to write the story of the campaign progressing after every session.

  22. Did I miss something here, what’s the problem with Skill based match-making?

  23. Because it doesn't work nearly as well as people say it does. It either puts you against people that look like they have never played a game in their life or against the most sweaty tryhards that play 10 hours a day.

  24. But then what is the alternative? If you don’t try to match people with similar skill then it’s random and you will get a larger group of people who just never win and some that just always win

  25. Since the problem is the top players always winning, just make skill based matchmaking kick in only after a certain skill cap (like being in the top 30%, for example), and get progressively stronger the higher up you are. And having skill based matchmaking have a stronger depending on how many people are in your party, since it would mean you have better communication.

  26. Yeah, played a game last night as a 5 stack and there were 2 players in THEIR FIRST MATCH EVER in the enemy team. And it was Arena too, so it must've been a very bad time for them.

  27. Yes, it’s sad. Corporations are just groups of people who are trying to make a living just like me and you. Anyone who thinks those leaks doesn’t impact every R* employee negatively, doesn’t know shit about business and shouldn’t therefore be involved in the conversation. More importantly, anyone who thinks R* deserved those leaks, needs their head examined.

  28. Ok, but why is it a sad life not to feel bad for corporations? Should I feel bad for Apple if they lose a shipment because someone stole it? And corporations aren't just "trying to make a living", their purpose is to get the most profit as possible for shareholders, the ones losing are the ones in the top.

  29. Yeah, I'm dying to get either BN nightwing or Catwoman, but I got all of the others instead, and a duplicate of TBWL, which I hate using.

  30. So many people underestimate The Batman Who Laughs (TBWL), a tag-in is pretty helpful that gives your opponent bleed which helps your character deal 20% more damage due to the bleed. In addition, Savage Robin can help you KO characters instead of having to do a basic attack or a special. Plus, savage robin still works even if TBWL is dead which is really helpful for dealing more damage to the opponent.

  31. It's more of an issue that I hate the joker's basic attacks. His passive is pretty handy.

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