1. This is next level incoherence. Nice one, mush. It has nothing to do with what's authentic, but if someone makes tikka masala in some way that is not authentic to the never-authentic British version...pram jokes!

  2. What? Chicken tikka is a chicken dish originating in the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal era.

  3. Pedantic pricks are everywhere on this app. Google is your friend amd isn't always correct

  4. Regardless of OP's intentions, they are still not far off in their thinking since Scottish crumpets are flat due to the use of baking powder instead of yeast (like pancakes).

  5. Have you actually seen a crumpet and pancake on either side? Because you'd know one side is flat, while the other is always covered in holes from the escaping bubbles (this is true for both). Don't be a muppet, because it's too late to be arguing with a muppet.

  6. Of course I have i eat them all of the time, I'm a brit.. lol what a very silly thing to say and abusive too. Well done you.

  7. Do you use the batter cold or do you let it come back to room temp?

  8. Room temperature. You don't have to refrigerate just set it aside to rest for a bit

  9. Thank you! I’m going to try that today!

  10. Urg. Now I know what's for dinner...

  11. A big old uk Sunday roast! It's been weeks since making one because you know.. summer!!

  12. Send them the blue sour patch kids cuz we don’t have them (only if they like sour patch kids of course)

  13. Yeah we do I live in the rhondda in a teeny tiny village and we have them lol

  14. Cardiff was mayhem today. Was so lush seeing young and old wearing their WWE belts with pride. I'm not a fan but you could tell by the amount of people and the atmosphere that it was going to be epic.

  15. That’s ridiculous. No logos for either of ours T shirts like a quid each trousers skirts cheap as chips just hammer the school uniform sales in the supermarkets. Eldest can even wear his trainers as long as they are black. They even wash and dry his swim kit.

  16. Shes in secondary school yr 7 when she goes back. So they are the rules we have been given. All uniform from asda! It came to £98 with home delivery from George then £48 to have a fern put on the polo's and jumpers. They have to wear tights all year round and are not allowed to remove sweaters even in summer. But my daughter is t1 diabetic so that will not slide with me though

  17. Did anything get done about it. They still have to wear them even though they've protested against it. Its not fair they have to leave their jumpers on though.

  18. I do and pat dry if I’m applying a dry rub. But that’s really the only times.

  19. It's def. A cultural thing. I know many Asian cultures and African Americans swear by it. No stopping them.

  20. They just start spouting verses of the bible at you like its meant to make you burn or recoil or feel embarrassed for not believing like they have some sort of power over you by reciting them to you. I can't be afraid of something I don't believe in.

  21. Wales.. you've got no chance in the US. Emigration is the only way

  22. Where abouts? I'm in Rhondda.. it helps if you can drive. Some great places have already been mentioned but I know if you can't drive its a bit awkward getting to these places. Ponty Park, Barry sidings, Cardiff Castle (grounds) not inside. Carfartha Park, I know valley's kids and welcome to our woods offer some things like bushcraft classes etc up in cwmsaebren Upper Rhondda - they're on Facebook too. Aberdare mountain road is closed until the 4th September so would have to re route to get there all depending where you live. Cardiff bay/barrage, plenty of beaches about teqhniquest Cardiff Bay.. lots to do. Swansea if you can drive is good.. pub on the pond then the beach over the bridge across from it.. the gruffalo trail mountain rach view in Caerphilly..

  23. I would have chosen red peppers or green to give it colour but it looks great none the less

  24. Also seems like the chicken could be darker but maybe it's just the lighting

  25. I think the chicken is OK mu take away never has it much darker than that.

  26. Cauliflower! You can make lots with it. You can get 1% carb noodles here in UK and rice too made of Konjac. You can get low carb bread, pasta and wraps here. I also follow a low carb lifestyle

  27. What a bunch of sad pen pidyns for taking my original comment as picking.. go play with your X-box's bachgennyn and leave the batching to the WOMEN

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