1. "Clearly NOED needs to be nerfed, because it only rewards bad killers with a second chance!"

  2. I don't know. All i know is I've encountered instances of survivors unhooking, and when I threw a hatchet that should instantly down them, they glow white and run faster than Usain Bolt.

  3. Powerful religious leader in charge of large drawn out disagreements

  4. Bruh WR&Co really screwing us over with their prices

  5. Cosmo is just a magazine full of shit that keeps on coming from the toilet that are the writers mouths.

  6. Wait, are you playing online or story? I'm guessing horses die permanently in story, so nevermind.

  7. I started but never actually finished it. Gonna do it soon

  8. But, isn't Spirit just a worse Nurse? What are your thoughts?

  9. Well no, because the nurse is slower than survivors , while the Spirit is faster.

  10. Oh, I didn't know that. I will now buy her!

  11. Think of her as the nurse, but on steroids, and better outfits. Best part is, she gives essentially NO WARNING when teleporting, leaving a husk behind. Really easy to trick survivors into coming into your grasp.

  12. I believe this is the Canada Memorial in London, dedicated to Canadian soldiers killed during ww1 and 2

  13. How is building a memorial disrespectful?

  14. Not the memorial. The way they all ignore the sign and what the memorial represents.

  15. Susie's cringe face in panel 3 is masterfully conveyed. The art style, subject matter, and Ace's shades are giving me Johnny Bravo vibes.

  16. A Johnny Bravo DBD parody is something I'd watch. Who do you'd think he'd hit on first?

  17. IIRC he tended to gravitate towards the women that were most equipped to physically rebuke his unwelcome advances. So with that in mind I think it's clearly Huntress.

  18. In my opinion, The Wolf man. He's easy to find, has no side guns, and only has wolves. Pretty easy to kill over and over.

  19. No I was trying to do one right before Nov first. I miscalculated....

  20. I think the ritualistic October 31st at 11:59 nut only makes it harder. The more you fap, the more you want to fap, so it makes it way more difficult in the first few days

  21. Oh. Still doing NND though. I must repent my sins...

  22. Keep it up. Its a great improvement, and you should keep on drawing!

  23. Fire bottles and dynamite sticks are your friends. ;)

  24. Bro, calm the hell down. Horses can only be shot when critically injured , otherwise, take some anger management classes

  25. Do they have a Twitter? I can't find it.

  26. I don't remember. They might just have an altered name on Twitter, but I'm not sure.

  27. these are soso captivating i love them

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