1. I think it's incredibly optimistic that they've casted up to Arlong Park considering Netflix's track record with live action, in all likelyhood not going pass season one. I'll watch but expectations are low so far. Cast looks good enough though

  2. Both Injustice Dick Grayson and Garfield Logan are dead, BB died in the Metropolis bombing and Damian killed Dick, only way to make them playable is the using other universe versions of the characters.

  3. Wouldn't be the same at all but doesn't/didn't Dick become deadman for a bit? Could always have him playable that way.

  4. Mojo out here looking like a lost member of Gorillaz, great piece

  5. Real question, why do you put up with the B.S. excuses he gives? I'm sorry but not doing chores because he's worried he'll break something? Even if the disability you mentioned may cause some issues there's plenty of chores could to that wouldn't bring that danger. NTA it's pretty obvious he's taking you for a ride and trying to get as much as he can out of you before you wise up. Do you really want to end up waiting on him and furnishing any lifestyle he wants?

  6. Yeah my friends mum dreamt her daughters were drowning in front of her & she couldn’t save them.

  7. I'm sorry but that made me laugh harder than it should have.

  8. Well their PR team certainly knows their audience don't they?

  9. Say what you will, but that man is killing it. Now my go to battle music

  10. I think a lot brings Saitama joy, the boredom persists because the one thing he actually dedicated himself to didn't end up adding anything to himself or his life.

  11. The one thing you're missing here is what happens when someone is actually stronger than him. We only saw him grow because garou was catching up to him. We have no idea how fast he will grow if someone is stronger. It could be instantaneous considering that he grows in proportion to how strong his opponent is

  12. THIS. Garou is copying Saitama's power and growing to catch up to him, in kind Saitamas power constantly grows to stay above and surpass it, making Garou an incomplete copy unable to reach the limit because the goal posts quite literally keep getting further and further away. Saitama never had to catch up to Garou, he was always stronger and just stayed that way. Not saying the OP doesn't have points made but they seem to be skipping this core idea.

  13. Sounding...the worse thing that the internet has ever taught me.

  14. This is a new one to me, was always N*SYNC cause ya know in sync with each other and N sounds like in

  15. Yeah, but the star takes the place of the missing letter I, therefore it would be *NSYNC.

  16. I mean yeah you can argue that for sure and I see that point. But saying n then sync gives the same pronunciation plus this was the 90's and N*SYNC spelling fits in line with a lot of the aesthics of that decade. It also makes more sense in how you would read it giving a clear indication that the two should be pronounced separately, whereas putting the * in front seems like it would be asking for unneeded confusion. Either way was a surprise to me so just means gonna have to look into it further.

  17. Ace is overrated and boring and the only thing redeeming about him is how Luffy feels about him. Otherwise he's bland and gets too much screen time for a dead character. Also Sabo is an improvement on him in everyway.

  18. Cosmic Garou already gives off radiation that is lethal to all humans in the vicinity, so his mere presence is already wiping a huge swathe of people the moment he appears. He also already copied and mastered blasts technique and can cause nuclear explosions with a punch which he is completely unaffected by. He can instantly teleport enormous distances in an instant, going from IO to the sun, and then back to earths orbit in seconds, and that's not even the extent of his speed as he was shown to be able to attack multiple and even kill at least one cadre level monster in a few 1/100's of a second. Not to mention the fact that his speed clash with platinum sperm was so fast it appeared as light trails in the sky. But that's not even the icing on the cake as he can copy every move he sees, physically speaking, and perfect it but can also change modes to seemingly copy the power of individuals as well.

  19. In round one, I'm pretty sure the Sentry can handle Garou with little to no difficulty-- having a physical form that can die multiple times without meaningfully inconveniencing him, the ability to tell other people's atoms to stop sticking together, etc. combined with Hulk-level strength and durability, Prof. X + level telepathy, and a shit ton of esoterics (You can't BFR him, he's both massively FTL in travel and able to teleport)... I'm pretty sure he can physically beat the guy. Divine power is fine up and until you've got something w/ decent reality warping that scales above OPM's god.

  20. Admittedly I know Sentry is top teir of marvel but besides world war hulk I personally haven't read too much of him so didn't want to throw the name around without being able to back it up. But those powers sound as awesome as they are broken and would more than level the playing field for him so yeah agree huge driving force for a marvel win.

  21. Haha, I'll be sure to sing your praises at the funeral.

  22. And supposedly the big villain behind Phase 4 is Kang the Kangqueror, isn't it? He's a Fan-four-tastic villain afaik. It seems a bit desperate to throw everything at the screen the way they're doing.

  23. They are definitely laying the ground work for a young avengers team, most likely led by Kate Bishop (the new Hawkeye) and/or Black widows sister (Forget her name). They've also introduced the grandson of a captain America in falcon and the winter solider, scarlet witch's kids who've already been shown to have powers in cannon and are without a doubt returning at some point. Then there's the iron heart series that is coming eventually which is a mini Iron man and then of course the new Ms. Marvel show.

  24. But if those 3 movies pushes the envelope than it should. People been in Hollywood 30 years and putting out BS. A comedian for Christ sakes stops smoking weed and came out with 3 instant sensations. That he purposely doesn’t release around Halloween time. The best time for said “horror” films. Also Get Out is rated a comedy, Parasite a comedy. I’m glad he’s getting recognition where Hollywood isn’t so inclusive.

  25. He had one, maybe two now that nope is out, but Us was not a sensation. Often it seems people don't even recall it. He's great at his craft not trying to diminish that, but his accomplishments should be reflected on realistically.

  26. US wasn’t a huge box office hit and maybe didn’t reach the highs of Get Out but it was a great movie in it’s own right.

  27. Maybe, that's more opinion and regardless I wasn't debating the quality of the film I was simply stating that Us didn't garner the attention or acclaim that Get Out did, it's not what could be called a sensation. If you loved it then good it found its audience but sadly that doesn't seem to be most of the movie going populace.

  28. I googled because I hadn’t heard of him and the one thing i’ll say is: he looks dope! The costume really works.

  29. Ha exactly the comment I was gonna make that design is amazing, sharp as hell.

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