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  1. that dude played as "Postman" in "After Life". A must-see show by Ricky Gervais. Especially first 2 seasons

  2. if anyone's wondering, the dance is Michael Jackson's Billie Jean dance, modified a bit. song is: the way I are timbaland

  3. I made something just like this without a cat girl and it died at news. people here seem to not care about meme, just the catgirls...

  4. one more and it'll be ambulance siren. Ve-vo Ve-vo Ve-vo

  5. idk why but this is the best 196 post I've seen for a while

  6. my tumbler for the rest of its life after I drank 1 coffee

  7. Turkey has lot of those. idk why but there are many atm groups located near subway entrances etc

  8. şaka bir yana, unutmayalım, birisini intihara teşvik etmek (online ortamda kill yourself demek bile) suçtur. eğer o kişi intihar ederse, sen de kasten adam öldürmeye teşvikden hüküm giyebilirsin

  9. He accidentally killed him and regrets it. It’s based on Ivan the Terrible and His Son Ivan,

  10. This meme is impossible. All the children of Tsar Nicholas have been slaughtered. Romanov family is no more

  11. She had to fight a grizzly bear to get those claws. If you want, you can find some in Alaska

  12. No one dares to comment anymore after people started sending nudes to commentors in this sub

  13. Meme aside, if you happen to find Propofol 5-6 ml, can you please send it to me? I'll even pay to you. I need it, for a thing

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