1. Having the greatest tone does not make 1 a great rhythm guitar player, & Malcom is absolutely nowhere fucking near great

  2. And up at the top, all the tourists who drove all that way to see the canyon got to see clouds in front of their faces instead. That's happened to me twice, haha. But I've never had to deal with snow when hiking down the canyon. The times I've gone down have always been around May, so it's usually hot at the bottom and nice and cool at the top.

  3. I never thought I'd see a cross between Steven Tyler and Simon Pegg, but here we are

  4. Lmao. Did you just make up a story about a guy who brazenly lies and people believe him because no one bothers to check?

  5. And I thought he was the coolest guy ever when I was 14….. these days I just get the impression that he’s as grouchy as he is talented, and it’s a shame.

  6. It's because he knows he blew his shot with Metallica and for decades he's gone back and forth between being unwilling to admit it to himself and feeling bitter and sorry for himself about it. He feels like he's an also-ran. It's too bad he doesn't seem to appreciate that not too many people get to have a 4-decade career in a heavy metal band like he has.

  7. I also think because he’s the kind of guy who always prided himself on being in control and wanting to be “the boss/the alpha”, it bugs him that a couple of dorks like Lars and James shit-canned him. Two guys who he thought he’d always be able to push around and walk all over hit him right in his ego.

  8. Yeah, his lack of self-awareness is evident. Or at least is has been over the years. I don't know whether he's learned something by this point.

  9. Stop believing signs you see that tell you what to think! Think for yourself in a way that agrees with what I think!

  10. It's that gray, blocky, brick, government-looking building, run by the state and looking like an old driver's license office. At least that's what the Utah liquor store I went to looked like when I visited.

  11. they used to be in the lobby of most restaurants - and nobody gave a shit if you were 10 years old

  12. Yep, I remember this. I was just trying to think when the last time was that I saw a cigarette machine at a restaurant. Late 80s, maybe?

  13. He was wonderful as the “Bird Lady” in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

  14. So, because of the [sic] at the end, I assume this was transcribed from an original version, but I'm surprised they didn't use [sic] after "Catachism" and "Misterious."

  15. I would pay the movie a -$12 bill with Quentin Trembley on it.

  16. I'd rather eat a salamander and jump out of a window than see this movie

  17. I tried pronouncing it like JFK, but it came out sounding more like "jeffka" than Tarlington

  18. I suppose if you're into that sort of thing, you could probably spend $2 million a year and get several 18-year-old bodies...

  19. Ha, love the G.I. Joe list. Just last weekend, my best friend revealed to me that his parents still had all of his old, original G.I. Joe and Star Wars toys from the late 70s/early 80s up in their attic and in a storage shed. I've been friends with him for 40 years and I had no idea that stuff was still there. They even found the GI Joe hovercraft and Cobra Rattler mentioned in this post.

  20. Awesome photo! Looks like the young fellow in the front has already learned a lot about life unfortunately.

  21. Yeah, but that's the last time he'll twist some kid's arm and force him to yell "Uncle!"

  22. Judging by the overlap in dates on the last two (the only ones that overlap), was the snowflake part added by someone with an agenda and an ax to grind?

  23. Couldn't they have just used the battering ram to force the door open, instead of making a giant hole in the wall?

  24. Sacred Reich was a kick ass thrash band in the 80s. Their debut album Ignorance still holds up today. Glad to see they're still performing.

  25. Saw them open for Gwar, lead singer/bassist was very big on spreading inclusivity and positivity. My friend who is Jewish was very suspicious but after we all agreed they were awesome. I hadn't heard them before that.

  26. That would have been a pretty cool show. I saw Gwar on their Scumdogs of the Universe tour, in 1990. What a wild time that was!

  27. Yeah I’ve definitely answered this in the past, but this round has got to be the first time it got upvoted!

  28. You too, man! I'm really hoping to be able to get to Asheville, NC on March 23 to see moe. at the Orange Peel, especially with Chuck Garvey touring again. I can't believe it has been nearly six years since I last saw them play live. A pandemic right in the middle of that time didn't help.

  29. Great photos. Seeing Kansas' "Point of Know Return", Queen's "New of the World", all 4 KISS solo records, and 2 displays of Bic 'Rock Lighters' (whatever they were).

  30. I googled Bic Rock Lighters. They were just Bic lighters with band logos printed on the side- Foreigner, Boston, Bee Gees, Jefferson Starship, Kiss, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc.

  31. Steve Martin was huge in the '70s. Almost forgot about his comedy albums.

  32. Yep, my dad had a few of his albums in the late 70s/early 80s, and even though I didn't always get all the jokes, I loved to listen to them.

  33. So THAT's where those football players take it to when they score touchdowns. Seems like a long way to go, unless you're playing at a Commanders home game. Still pretty far, even then.

  34. Looks like you already have a May 24; missed a chance to include Lakeside Park by Rush.

  35. Poore brothers is the best salt and vinegar chip. I moved away from Arizona years ago and never saw them again. And now I’m learning from this thread that they don’t exist any more 😭

  36. I forgot all about Poore Brothers! I haven't seen them since I moved away from Arizona years ago, too.

  37. Thanks baboon blood orgy I’ll take a look at these!

  38. Did you ever think that, one day, you'd be thanking a baboon blood orgy for potato chip recommendations?

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