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  1. No sympathy for someone running around with a red dot sight scope on a sniper rifle

  2. I'm with you there. Like you complain a bout a shield cheese, but you're running around with a golden gun to get one hit kill cheeses. Str8 bogus they shouldn't even allow that attachment for that gun.

  3. Lol, what leaderboards are riot shield users topping. You sound like one of those people who cry because they don't have their way. It's 1milliom different weapon combos, attachments, grenades, they even added a drill charge. If you want to stick to your knife that's your problem, if you can't adapt to maps, opponent loadouts, and team movement then you in fact are lacking in skill. Players like you are why they keep adding easy modes for new games.

  4. Pretty good if you get the grinder and the hackszall as the free tools. Honestly though I prefer the 6" grinder because it has more power. Food for thought, get an 8.0 and a 12.0 for the hackszall and grinder if you intend to use it daily or for more than a few minutes at a time.

  5. I think people are missing that this isn’t like the holiday deal where buy two batteries and get one tool free. You have to buy two tools at normal prices and then you get the two batteries free.

  6. The fastback knife, the wire strippers, and the tape measure is good, the other tools are meh/overpriced. Like others mentioned, get knipiex pliers, screwdrivers there are plenty of brands higher quality and comparably priced..

  7. 1.) Figure 35, Part# 06-10-0110; M6 x 28mm Carriage Bolt

  8. If you add the battery and tool separately to your cart (as long as they are in stock), you can get the discounted price. When I did right now, I would have to pick up at two locations.

  9. How do you find the deals? Are there specific websites you use that notify you of the hackable deals? They are always sold out when I see them posted

  10. Home Depot mostly, sometimes you'll find them on other authorized retailers websites. And yes the good ones sell fast AF, so many resellers you'll know off the back if it's a good deal because the tool will be cheaper than anywhere else online. I.e a high torque usually sells for 275+ at home depot on sale. But occasionally you can find a buy more save more deal, a kit, or a hackable deal(free tool/battery). I have notifications for certain tools from saving certain items in my cart and from asking to be notified when certain items are restocked. For some stuff I just buy off OfferUp or marketplace or Amazon, but alot of stuff can be bought directly from home depot for cheaper if you are patient and diligent.



  13. Lol I didn't even realize this post was for the super hawg, that's my fault, but yeah you're right.

  14. I honestly recommend shopping around in places like marketplace and OfferUp. The drill/driver kit sells for 300$ usually sometimes more but can be bought for 250$ off a 3rd party. Same as many other tools. Occasionally though, especially right now you can find select tools on sale from the big box stores, but you have to move quick on the good deals before the resellers buy them all up. Sign up for the lists on Home Depot website for the tools you want, they're usually pretty good about notifying you of deals and restocks. The mid and high torque impact wrenches (m18 fuel) are BEASTS. BUT I wouldn't pay more than 225 for the high torque and 150-175 for the mid max. Typically a good deal is anywhere from 25% off all the way up into the 60%, any thing cheaper use caution.

  15. I never said shit about politeness being included, good reading comprehension. You can be plenty polite and pleasant without smiling. People smiling in commercials is just marketing.

  16. Lol idk how old you are or what's your training/experience, but smiling is APART of being polite. I literally just got done doing a training module that EMPHASIZED smiling. Customer service means SMILE. it's a simple concept that doesn't change no matter what industry you're in or what country you're in. It's not marketing. Go to chic fil a, go to a culver's, go to a luxury place like a lifetime fitness gym, go to a Panera bread, go to whole foods. It's expected. It's apart of the job, it's literally COMMON SENSE. as others have mentioned if you don't want to smile get another job. I was insecure about smiling for most of my life due to dental work, hated smiling, still do to a degree, but it's apart of being a grown up, especially when working with the public. Fucking snowflakes these days.

  17. Calls people snowflakes but complains about people not smiling. Sure bud.

  18. Honestly idgaf if you smile, say you're welcome etc. That's on you. I understand how it affects profit, sales, repport with customers etc. If you don't want to develop that skill (yes it's actually a skill). That's your choice. Why I did complain about is people who choose customer service positions and then complain when asked to do customer service tasks(which includes smiling). It's like a tradesman getting mad when a customer asked them to clean up after they finish, or an office worker getting mad when a customer asks for a copy of an invoice. It's simple shit. It's a low wage, low skill job, if you're having trouble smiling, sheesh I wish y'all luck.

  19. I just burned 10 challenge swaps and didn't get any event challenges but in my upcoming weekly I see 3 event challenges. Should I burn a couple more in hopes of getting more?

  20. No, challenge swaps only give you the same type of challenge, I.. e the event challenges when swapped will give you more event challenges, while plain challenges will only give you other similar challenges.

  21. I have a Mighty already, got it from rewards at Terrasana.


  23. That makes sense. Though I don't agree with the dosing. I can smoke 1/10th I'm one sesh 😂😂

  24. Not telling you to stop smoking, but coming from someone with a high tolerance and many bowls, blunts, and joints under my belt, it's impossible to vape 2.83 in a session. When I made the switch weed lasted alot longer and the program doesn't allow for smoking so if you ever get pulled over make sure smoking apparatuses aren't with your medical tree.

  25. I always put my AVB in water beforehand to remove the bitter taste but I’ve never tried smoking it after I’ve put it in the water. I’m wondering if it would take the harshness away?

  26. Haven't tried that either, I'd imagine that itd he akin to smoking reggie because of the low THC content honestly.

  27. I freaking love it! Just need to figure it out lol. I'll definitely try that as well!

  28. As others have mentioned, no need to so a 5 second hard draw. If you're switching from carts, smoking, or even vaping, the draw is lighter than them all. Sometimes they get clogged and you have to pull hard, but once you get the airflow going you barely need to sip it.

  29. So luster pods usually have .85g of liquid in them. 70% of .85g is about 550-600mg which is 1 days worth in our program.

  30. As others have mentioned include an edible and some luster pods and you'll be using flower alot less. When I was having real bad pain, I would take a 2:1 BE capsule in the A.m. then another in the evening.and inbetween the capsule doses I would vape flower ir hit the luster pen.

  31. I mean in my area they have the best deals and selection so I’m not really opposed to supporting them. If other companies want to stay afloat and take my business, get competitive.

  32. Im with you there, but understand this, once the beast removes competition, they ALWAYS raise prices, leaving the consumer no recourse. Amazon, perfect example, but theres others, such as your common box store that removed mom and pops for convenience and price, now the average box stores charge the same or more for the same stuff you find at a local market..

  33. Fair enough, I’m expecting it to be recreationally legal with homegrow before that would become an issue though.

  34. I use a mighty, I'm not sure how the fury works, but I will say I first preheat my vape before adding flower. This cuts down on lost terps and potency through the heating process. I also make sure my flower is hydrated (as in, been in a Mason jar with a humidity pack for at least 2 days). I usually start between 350-360 and I ramp it it gradually to 390 max. I barely use flower I've been using luster pods for the most part so when I try flower I really only wanna taste the flower not the back end flavor of the higher temps. I hate the harsher taste and coughing from those high temps.

  35. EE75 says:

    They only hold the order 2 hours at this place. So it doesn’t help me unfortunately because it will be sold out by the end of the day

  36. That place blows whoever that is. Smh suchs we dont have more dispensaries to combat this issue

  37. Lmao concerned about kids eating edibles, yet in our "medical program" we have cultivators and processors making gummies, candies, chocolate, drinks, and we even have a strain called cereal milk with a cute little label. Whata blatant fucking lie.

  38. I got some too, and I love it. The thing that sucks though is that my lungs hurt and hitting the mighty for a full session is next to impossible. The taste is amazing, buds are big and sticky, strong smell, great effect, and it lasts longer than flower usually does in my mighty (3 sessions as opposed to 2). I also got some non-artifact electric peanut butter cookies and second breakfast, and im pleased with both of those too.

  39. What temps do you vape up to?I usually stop around 195 Celsius

  40. Have you tried to run it through the watering attachment? I've never tried it before but I would imagine it would be less irritation.

  41. I'd have to go with Kiva as well when it comes to no taste of MJ. Second would definitely be Wana. Tied for 3rd would be the botanist and firelands, and in last would be butterfly effect(sorry but the taste in these are noticabl).

  42. I’m the same with sativa. I would like to be able to use sativas but I lean more towards hybrids that don’t lean to far one way in day time for my headaches.

  43. I'll tell you this, smoke enough of ANY sativa, and you're going to sleep like you had an indica lol. They the high is different but the after effects are not, they the THC in the sativas can put you down quietly and unexpectedly. Orange 43 is a good example.

  44. Does the sativa make it hard to fall asleep?

  45. Iny 3xperience no, it brings a pleasant mind relaxation that isn't as intrusive as normal racing thoughts(if you have those) thoughts are always racing so sativas are my preferred smoke, but for migraines I go for Indicas.

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