1. tomorrow 34° and still whole countries away from beaches, why

  2. A heatwave and no beach in sight, god save me

  3. step 1 in fighting the Ottomans: Make sure Mehmed II is fucking dead

  4. Really like the more painting-ish approach to it

  5. My dress up darling but it plays on the Greco-Turkish border

  6. Been quite a while since the last lingerie art of her

  7. Moderator: As someone who has served in the Italian military, I thought that in the event of war, I would flee as quickly as possible. [...] This war (in Ukraine) has really changed my opinion, I imagined what would happen if berlin was attacked - that would be a different case. You, as someone who has worked as a priest, would you take up arms, would you shoot someone?

  8. A bit cringy all that story about "night battles" but cool art

  9. I don’t remember Labour laws applying to servants

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