1. I started a small fire as a prank that grew into a bigger fire and caused a place to get evacuated and for the fire department to come. The fire chief called me for a statement but I just denied it. I was a nervous wreck for about six months, but nothing ever happened to me. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and there was no major damage to the building. Oh and I also helped a friend ditch a stolen car. Good times…

  2. What's the name of the trope where the origin of every defining aspect of a character is packed into a prequel? Like the first scene of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, he gets the fedora, the whip, the nickname, and the fear of snakes in all of 5 minutes. Solo is that trope stretched out to an entire film length. It's the laziest method of making a prequel "crowd pleasing".

  3. I was at her place for the first time and was thirsty so I asked for some water. She handed me a mug with dried chia seeds stuck to the sides. I only sipped a little bit because I really needed water.

  4. I think I remember my dad bought the Blade Runner 5-disc set on HD DVD.

  5. I just thought of this today. What if the movie studios got together and agreed to release two disc formats to push people to stream everything?

  6. There is a scene in Antichrist with Willem defoe where a woman smashes him in the nuts with a wooden block then gives him a hand job and he ejaculates blood.

  7. This is 100% the main issue. Why were there even bullets on site? Whoever put a bullet in the gun that should never have been anywhere near live ammunition let alone loaded is responsible

  8. Why was there even a real, working gun? Surely they could've used a fake that looked real

  9. That's my thought as well. I work on an awesome VR team, but we're currently making a shitty product because our boss is in complete control of the direction. We just do what he says. I think people don't realize just how little input most developers have on the final design of a game.

  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but cyberpunk also held embargo very late and close to actual release date right? Hearing all the rumors surrounding this game makes every fiber in my body shivering

  11. You learn that Darth Vader isn't this monster. He's a pathetic individual who made a pact with the Devil and lost.

  12. The plot never bothered me, it’s trying to figure out what’s going on with the reverse time stuff in every scene that kept my brain at capacity.

  13. The Danish government is trying to get rid of a nation holiday and it takes up quite a bit of coverage from the media. The economical benefits are minimal at best and expects say temporary. The whole idea is not well received obviously, and non of the parties in government are willing to admit that it's their idea. The conspiracy is that the whole thing is just a distraction, while they are trying to pass some other law that's even worse and the holiday thing is just to distract the population in the meantime.

  14. That is the really weird part. The government is a coalition of three parties, non of them will take credit for the idea.

  15. So they're saying that they want to pass this but there's no paperwork showing who started the process?!

  16. If someone stands in the way of true pleasure, you simply walk up behind them and thrust into their ass

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