1. 8 years after WWE helped me lose my love for Pro Wrestling, AEW has reignited my passion for it. Love their shows and look forward to seeing them grow in year 2.

  2. Thank you! Happy 40 to you too. I've hit day 29 before and went on a 2 day drinking spree, hit day 39 before and did the same, but this is my longest and have no plans of not sticking to it!

  3. I’m in the 40 day club too! Congratulations to both of you, I’m proud of you both! We’re smashing this sober thing aren’t we

  4. Good morning from Liverpool! Keep it up 👊👊 we have got this! IWNDWYT

  5. I’m expecting my first ( a daughter too) next month and this really made me happy and has added even more validation that the path I am on is by far the correct one.

  6. My biggest regret is not being their for my wife after we brought the kids home. I went out to “celebrate” the day we bought them home and didn’t come home till 3 am. I have so many regrets revolving around my children. I am doing all I can to make up for lost time. I wish I had started this journey 2 years ago. You will have so much fun being a dad you won’t regret it.

  7. Good thing is you’re doing it now. I have similar moments when I look back and think damn, that was meant to be a huge moment in my life I.e wedding, birthday, and my go to move is to get wrecked. At least we noticed it and we’re making amends for lost time which can only the benefits the ones we love, which includes ourselves as we made a great decision early enough to change for the better.

  8. 30 days here and been smashing my workouts too. You look like you’re smashing it too!! Keep it up!

  9. Congratulations 🥳 exactly what I want and will achieve. IWNDWYT

  10. Look brother, scared money doesn't make money. There is no one who doesn't feel fear when they decide to pursue their own path. Yes, excitement might be what they feel most, but there is a healthy dose of fear in there as well... and that's ok. Fear can be healthy if you channel it into the actions that will make you successful.

  11. Yep, one of the biggest improvements I’ve noticed is the quality of sleeping! IWNDWYT

  12. Yeah, I’ll thinking of an excuse to get out of there. Luckily there are many ways for them to get home if I have to go. Thanks 👍

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