1. It’s all for the mission you wouldn’t get it /s

  2. You are confusing sex and gender. Gender isn't your chromosomes

  3. Gender doesn't exist. Genders are mere collection of personality traits, basically irl character tropes. By identifying yourself with a gender you deny having your own personality, and identify yourself with a very dumbed down version of it.

  4. "Gender doesn't exist" yet you just gave it a definition. Just because it's purely societal doesn't mean it's not a thing. Gender identity is very real since society tends to expect certain things from you based on which gender it perceives you being.

  5. No, as i said before the concept of "gender" already exists, and it's called "personality".

  6. The song has to be at least 300 bpm or it's not metal

  7. I got matches with these songs:

  8. Technically evoker only 'helps' with summoning a persona, just like the tv world makes it easier to summon it, so she doesn't need an evoker

  9. It's the opposite. The completely opposite people are like 90% of reddit. The rest are actively found and banned from all of Reddit.

  10. There is, but you couldn't see it. If you don't reach that requirement, you won't be able to beat the boss without switching to lower difficulties. I had that happen to me 2 times on the first playthrough. I wasn't able to beat kamoshida on level 7 party without lowering the difficulty to easy, same with madarame where i was on level 17. I grinded on kaneshiro, but barely got through okumura on level 41. There is a level cap that enfored through game design, rather than a hard limit.

  11. Again, not true. I've beaten the boss on Hard and my party is generally in the low 40s and upper 30s at that point. Hell, as someone who's watched speedruns before, I can tell you that people have beaten Shadow Okumura with an MC as low as level 35. And that was without ranking up the Baton Passes (which is something I once thought you really had to do for Okumura, but it's not). Maybe it's one thing when you fight Shadow Kamoshida, as it's so early in the game that you're options are limited. But as you get further, there are plenty of ways to help overcome bosses that are (technically) outside your level range. Grinding (in the traditional sense) is not a necessity.

  12. At my first playthrough, yes, i skipped as much as i can. But even at second and third and so on playthroughs i had to grind for about an hour until I'm at level 12, and that's even when i fight everything my eyes see.

  13. Then add in the anime and dancing voice lines and ESPECIALLY strikers, and you get an cocky goofball who doesn’t take shit seriously unless he has to

  14. You could say he was still forming his personality during base p5

  15. Isn’t creating a personality basically what the social links do? Most of the spin offs are sequels- after the protagonist has developed the links!

  16. Exactly. His personality doesn't develop fully until the world.

  17. There are 3 different r34 sites. Or at least so i thought, before op notified me there's .com as well

  18. are u a guy? bc i sure as FUCK don't want to be like u.

  19. i am mentally unstable but not bc i'm trans. also, i'm not delusional, dumbass.

  20. Indeed, it's not a cause, it's more like a symptom of it.

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