1. Just need the CSL grill to work the front out and you’ll be golden.

  2. It has its issues as most games do, but it’s pretty good. DMZ is freaking great and the theme on the warzone prep screen is amazing.

  3. That’s crazy, So glad I was able to get the M13 last night before this patch.

  4. I’ve been playing DMZ nonstop all weekend, I think I’ve had maybe one crash yesterday and that was it. Outside of that the game has been pretty flawless on Series X. Also, shout out to the guy with the weapons case I ran over with the ltv. I wasn’t even looking for it and didnt know you had it, thaanks lol.

  5. Similar question, what’s the difference between say a 5/6 nm dd wheel and a 10/11 nm wheel running at 5/6 nm. Is the feel identical? Is the output from the stronger wheel going to feel better since there is more overhead or will the output feel exactly the same? I find that running my wheel at 6.5/7 is ideal.

  6. The 5/6nm would only peak at that max torque and would have ocassional clippings where as the 10/11Nm would have holding torque at 5/6nm consistently or close to it without clipping and therefore would feel much stronger/heavier than the 5/6nm wheelbase.

  7. I imagine the console version isn’t far behind, they did note it’s in the works pretty much. Though I am in the TM ecosystem I honestly don’t know if I’d get this over my G pro. The qol on my current base is hard to give up. The price seems really good too even if you’re not already in the ecosystem since you can get a rim fairly cheap. The plastic/aluminum “Fast Release” system also has me a little worried, would rather metal QR.

  8. No new pedals, just 4 new wheels that will release next year.

  9. Whether something is Overpriced/Underpriced is so subjective. An item really is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, I personally don’t feel like it’s overpriced. Paying a little more for reliability, good quality, and good customer service go a long way.

  10. Well this is very helpful, as Ive used the TLCM and TS-PC for the last few years and 99% of my racing is done in ACC

  11. Nice, I really like the TSPC/TSXW and the LCM pedals so I’m really excited to see what Thrustmaster reveals today.

  12. If you’re on fios pause/unpause the update until you get a decent download speed. 13 minutes to dl the update currently getting 460mbps. Typically get 6-700+ when ms doesn’t cap us like this.

  13. No patch notes as of yet from the dev which is surprising unless its purely cosmetic for the DLC

  14. Hey can you report back once you have some time with the new update?

  15. Unfortunately I won't be playing anytime soon. If I see any patch notes I'll share them

  16. Man I completely forgot about this map. I really hope we get Favela eventually.

  17. If I had to choose 1 to say is a favorite. I’d say Breenbergh, and that’s against embassy. I really like embassy. Maps in the game are pretty ok but I feel like I really miss MW2019s maps,

  18. What kind of wifi do you have? The fastest mine has gone is around 320mbs but that was by luck

  19. Verizon Fios, no Wi-Fi. I connect directly to my router. I typically average about 480mbs

  20. I’ve only played battlefield once and it was 4. I thought the online big battles were neat. This was before cod had ground war obviously , now I’m curious as to what makes battlefield better than cod ground war.

  21. Games on a gaming console is fine. I’m not okay with a game like New World plastering Lord of the Rings shit on the main screen. As long as stuff stays in it’s lane I’m fine with it. The minute I get a Kohl’s commercial on the Xbox dashboard THEN I’ll lose my shit.

  22. I feel like this is my stance as well. I hate ads in all forms and run ad blockers on all my devices. However, when it comes to gaming I really don’t mind too much if you’re showing me gaming ads on my console, as long as it’s not taken to the extreme, I don’t mind too much.

  23. Plex + pirating is the way to go. All the shows/movies you care about in 1 streaming service with no Ads for free

  24. It’s pretty dope for sure, but there are some serious bugs I really hope they iron out. The 1.8 update was really good, so much so I have been playing so much. Went to play Sunday evening though and my wheel had absolutely no ffb, like none. It just spins. Which is weird because I was up until 4am Sunday morning playing without any issues, no crashes, nothing. Works fine with Horizon 5 and FM7.

  25. Can’t wait, I really hope they don’t butcher this one the way they did with with MW2019.

  26. Similar thoughts. I really like Karl Gosling, he’s very enjoyable to watch. Also Barry Rowland with Sim racing garage.

  27. If it feels like a chore why are you still playing? There are so many other games, video games are a form of entertainment among other things, if it feels like a chore to do something you enjoy, you’re doing something wrong. Forza is an open world racing game, the point of the game is whatever you make it. You like Photography, take photos. You want to race, go race. Don’t like the routes, design your own race, and create your own routes. You like to cruise, cruise around the map and enjoy the scenery.

  28. I like Thrustmaster’s wheels don’t get me wrong, but is all of this really necessary? This seems so drawn out. I really hope this wheel is groundbreaking with the way they’re doing things.

  29. “Compatibility for Logitech G Pro wheel”? Anyone know what this entails? I haven’t had any compatibility issues, maybe shift lights or full functionality of the additional buttons/rotary wheels?

  30. My Logitech wheel has never worked well in FH4 or FH5. I am hopeful, but not holding my breath.

  31. What issues are you having? Are your settings dialed in? I’ve used my g920, thrustmaster TS-XW Racer, and now my Logitech pro with no issues at all. Feels surprisingly good.

  32. Wow, crazy people are waiting. I ordered on the 22nd, Thurs. with expedited shipping and my wheel and pedals both came the following Tuesday.

  33. What was the shipping time on your order out of curiosity?

  34. I paid for it to be expedited since it was only a few dollars extra. So I ordered on Thursday the week it was released and it was here on Tuesday.

  35. Nice, I’d like to hear your thoughts after you’ve had a bit of seat time. I’ve been on mine all weekend, man the force feedback delivery on this thing is so smooth.

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