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  1. I’m willing to bash Marvel and DC for two things and they both rhyme with the words Fames and Funn. And anyone who liked Bullet Train…. Domo arigato.

  2. Candy was here one day gone the next and still left the worst impression on me, especially since if you ask me… what happened to donna after season 10! She go off with Candy to go make LGBTQ babies or something? Because we don’t see either of them after season 10, Susan we saw a few times but when they made her the replacement to Lucy I was like really?? Let Ricky just have Jacob and trinity in his life!

  3. Sorry no I’m fucked and didn’t read it was in jail. I mean I never did get my fucking grade 10.

  4. Only when you get me that big ass bag of dressed all over and I want some dope flavoured rum!

  5. Hey Jacob, next time you’re in Vancouver will you make a post about it? I wanna be able to meet one of the legends of the park that helped make the show so funny!

  6. Weed? I know of a few good locales for dispensaries, for beer I know of a few good local craft breweries and for entertainment I know of a few good movie theatres, for other things like film work I would definitely say try and ask Cory. He may have something.

  7. This makes me think of vice city and a little bit of what we got in III for the space between islands..

  8. I just want to have it so we have a Reddit where anyone who loves the show or is new to it can hang out, make memes, ask questions and get answers for the show, get told to fuck off jokingly and to have some funny flairs for your name

  9. Original Chad look is perfect, new Chad look is fine but his original look can’t be replicated as easily as some think

  10. Ok I’ll give you that! Without Peggy I don’t think we would have Liam or Noel

  11. U guys using jiffy wine? I only had one glass and I’m already pretty drunk

  12. I like Chinatown as a single… but on the album I felt it wasn’t needed, 6/10

  13. That’s Star Wars, the mandolorian symbol, it was mostly identified with boba fett and jango fett

  14. Not the boys' choice if that's what you mean. Netflix's choice. They were visibly upset about it on their State Of The Union.

  15. I am Canadian, didn’t get caught watching it, my mother didn’t care and watched it along with me so it’s not a big deal..

  16. Oh okay so you were a kid that explains it the Season 5 entry point. Also explains why you didn't know Jonathan. His heyday as a host for shows and specials was mostly in the 90s. Though alot of hosting in the 200o's onwards, plus the multiple series. But you would've already had known him by then.

  17. I was just 12 or 13 and he wasn’t as big as he is now and I don’t even think my sister knew who he was and she’s at least got 12/13 years on me so I feel she would have known him but I think he was just a big name out in eastern Canada compared to the rest. I do know when I saw him as himself on TV with TVs Jonathon Torrens I was laughing my ass off

  18. What happens when that dirty caveman Sam Losco finds out about this and the $75 rent's due on the dirty burger?

  19. He did a good job with the show but it sucks that his character got written out of the series with don’t legalize it, which makes me a little sad but what can we do? Not much.. not sure if it was because he was done after countdown to liquor day? Or if it was due to something else, I mean at least he didn’t leave because of someone on the cast or the crew… I mean the only one that really left because of the crew and cast was Michael Jackson… Lucy DeCoutere can say it was because of Mike Smith all day long when the producers did say she was already leaving the show before she announced she was so she contradicted herself not once but twice in her life and she still has a officer ranking in the Royal Canadian Air Force and that shit is kind of nasty due to the fact she also self contradicted herself during the Jian Gomeshi situation… she tried to ruin his career when she herself ruined whatever she had left…. Which wasn’t much. But any ways Barry did a good job.

  20. I think bonehead and Gem would totally show up, same with Andy, and Chris probably… honestly add a few others from Liam’s backing bands and Noel’s group and make it like a supergroup but for maybe one or two nights and call it there to say they did it..

  21. I’m on the YES side, because DBTT was also underrated… heathen chemistry has some solid ones but you all are also forgetting about master plan and STC

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