1. I understand you said youtube, and I apologize for this comment if that is your only option, but just in case you didn’t know, In my opinion, unless you are unable to, Just Download the NHK app, and just watch the sumo highlights. The app is available on most mobile devices, roku sticks, fire stick also I think. I typically screen my tablet to the tv. They have all the days on demand, typically they are about 20 hours behind on making a video available, posting it at 9;30 PM. Personally I believe they are better than any YouTube channel out there, HD, English commentaries by rotating professional people that know sumo and study sumo, shows all the matches, but are condensed into 30 minute segments, BUT on 1st day, mid-way, and final day or 2, they have the last hour or longer uncut, plus the 30 minute highlight videos. I wish people would use them more since they are a big source that provides sumo and other stuff for all over the world. I believe they deserve the support. I’ve noticed that a lot of YouTube channels post videos that originate from NHK. I think if they got more support, especially with the sumo highlights, I would believe we could even have a better sumo experience through NHK. Not to mention Hiro still does his commentaries as well. I even find their shows that aren’t related to sumo worth watching.

  2. The fact that they don't have the highlights show on demand on the website is so dumb. Or provide an easy way for international viewers to pay for their live coverage in English. I love what they do, it just seems like they don't want me to watch it.

  3. I could be wrong, but the main issue to this is probably because it costs money. It cost money for them to store the data to always have shows on demand, it costs money to have shows available, and longer the show, the more money it cost. Yes they could probably make money off it that would provide a profit if they were to offer what you want and charge people a subscription, but its hard to know if something will make money without the appropriate data. The only way they can get the data if they see a lot of people using their website, their app, and what are people watching on the website and the app. If they have a lot of usage, and a lot of people tuning in everyday to watch sumo, they will see the data and can then make a company decision to invest in it, knowing there is a good chance they will make a profit. It is the same for anything, no one is going to invest in something unless they have data saying that it is going to be worth the investment. So if you would like NHK to offer something like that, what people need to do is use NHK, use what they have, and then use their contact service to give you opinions on what they should add and offer, and if enough people do it, it would be to hard for them to ignore the monetary opportunity that is presented for them.

  4. The dress up games that were on new grounds. com. I never could make it to the end…

  5. Orzamar is my favorite quest line in origins. I love the city, love the deep roads, and just the thought of venturing into the deep roads, and going as deep you do in origins is just fantastic! I could enjoy a game just solely based on venturing in the deep roads!

  6. "The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention! Now THAT... IS... irony!" — Bender, Futurama S4E18

  7. “That's not ironic; that’s just coincidental.” -Bender Bending Rodríguez

  8. "The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention! Now THAT... IS... irony!" — Bender, Futurama S4E18

  9. I haven’t come up with a back story, besides what the game provides as a former military personnel, but my agent is a sith loyalist, that basically looks at sith like gods with a desire to honor them and support them in any way. My agent always believe the sith are absolute and correct and would never doubt there words. They joined the military and later intelligence, in a way to honor the sith and to honor the empire they have provided.

  10. Are we referring to the droid on the rock, or the art carved into the rock in the background that almost looks like Scorpio, but with a cape?

  11. Yea, give them purpose again. Turn them into twerking statues! I want to see that Darth booty jiggle jiggle!

  12. What I will typically do is go to collections, and cycle through there to see if there are any I want to try to find. I personally like the unshielded double lightsaber. It has a regal appearance but also a primitive style where it looks like it has been passed down a family line for generations. My favorite pike is the Onderon Guardian’s Pike. Is regal looking, I use it with my Jedi, with some golden / bronze looking armor. He is more of a justiciar of the jedi. Swearing to the preservation of justice. Much like Samara from Mass Effect 2.

  13. Are you clicking the space bar once the load bar is full? If you resolution is just a little off, the pop up that says press space bar will not show.

  14. Sorry I thought you said character creation, not character select. So this may not be useful.

  15. The other day I leveled up from 75 - 80 in after doing the complete list of space missions, not counting the heroic ones. And that was before double xp. So if you need to switch it up, from some other method, I would suggest that. I typically can knock all of them out in like 2 hours.

  16. I really enjoyed the light side inquisitor. I haven’t done a LS warrior. So idk about the warrior. But I felt the LS Inquisitor was a good play through, and instead of a psycho path, it was someone who sought to better the empire rather than the sith, and I felt like that worked really well with the Ashara companion who you can convince that you desire to change the empire from within, and that it is the only way to have peace, is to change the empire rather than rule it or destroy it. Which eventually we were able to get married. Haven’t plaid the inquisitor through the expansions yet, so I am not sure how the LS works with those.

  17. Also, I like how a lot of the LS Inquisitor options weren’t given up on the sith code, but more so using the code for the light side. Using your emotions for things that are good, striving for everyone to break their chains and be free. That’s how I remember it anyways.

  18. Love the screenshots by the way! Awesome Catches! I feel like if I tried to get those screen shots, it would be like me playing Pokémon snap, having to restart trying to get the shot!

  19. I love the smuggler class and story. Dialogue is golden 90% of the time, if not higher! And just the things you get into Ames it such a perfect Star Wars smuggler story! And with you light side or dark side actions you definitely have multiple ways playing the story, and a the class has so many role playing / backstory possibilities!

  20. AWESOME-SAUCE! I love all of the content this game has, not counting the time that you can loose just by exploring the views, environment, and reading the codex.

  21. I tend to play way too selfish with my Bounty Hunter/Smuggler, while I felt that Agent and Trooper felt more appropriate because both are trying (at least in my particular playthrough) to help the people of the Empire/Republic they find in need.

  22. Oh absolutely! I think it says a lot about the time that’s as put into the game with all of the quest, and trying to make the quest fit one way or the other to the available classes and play through!

  23. Mine is a tie between agent and bounty. Love the stories, voice acting, dialogue, actions, and choices of both. My runner up is the smuggler, its just a good time.

  24. Thanks. How do you make the old map fullscreen again like before?

  25. Idk if you can do exactly like before. I think that’s been completely remove I think. But to get the one I have it is under world map pane. But it is not under interface editor. You have to go to preferences, then keybinding tab on bottom, then interface section of the key bindings, and then you can see what macro you have for world map pane, or put in your macro. So you can use the macro you have for that to pull it up.

  26. Alternately, we could roll new characters and replay them through those arcs. Or watch YouTube videos covering the events.

  27. Definitely replaying, can’t ask for a better reason to enjoy the fun all over again!!!

  28. Really liking the art style of the new loading screen. Probably my favourite one since Jedi Under Siege.

  29. Loey Lane? I loved the first investigation they did to a house someone lives in actively so I was excited for the next one but all her content is very "I got in a haunted Lyft and you won't believe what happened next!" I truly didn't enjoy it.

  30. Worst episode for sure. By Ryan and Shane did their best to make it enjoyable.

  31. The deciding factor when I have to decide between these two, is if I want to actually use my blaster rifle / sniper rifle, or just have it there for looks. Most of the time as a operative you will not have any actions involving your blaster rifle, most if not all of your abilities use either your knife or some other piece of technology.

  32. This is such a great show. I am truly enjoying, and all the memes being made from it makes it just the best! XD

  33. You can always watch the highlights (which, contrary to the name, still includes full matches for all the top division bouts) on NHK's website:

  34. This is what I do. Their app is good too. They have the highlight videos that show all of the top division matches, and plus on 1st day, midway tournament day, and then last day, they have a live recording version available of the last half of the tournament as well as the full highlights like Normal. Only thing is that the videos are 1 day behind, but other than that its great in my open. All English commentary too. Best you can get in the u.s. with English commentary in my opinion, especially since it is all free.

  35. TV Japan is an option if you live in the US or Canada. I pay $25/month through Spectrum cable. All 15 days of the NHK 2-hour makuuchi broadcast with English commentary are available for each basho, plus the NHK 30-minute daily highlight show (Japanese only). I believe that you can subscribe for the 15 days of the basho and then cancel, but you’d have to confirm with your provider. I like being able to record the programs on my DVR and then watch at my convenience.

  36. Is this only available through a cable/satellite provider, or do they have a streaming service / app?

  37. For now, just cable/satellite. Although in a survey I filled out last week, they did ask about interest in streaming options.

  38. Awesome, good sign for the future that they are asking about it, maybe. Thank you.

  39. I felt like his monologue of what he sacrifice is one of the best I have seen in Star Wars, and one of the best in cinema. I may be bias, but I just really enjoyed it.

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