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Paul Pelosi Is Undergoing Brain Surgery After Being Attacked with Hammer in His Home: Report | According to U.S. Capitol Police, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was in Washington, D.C. with Her Protective Detail at the Time of the Attack, Which Occurred at the Couple's San Francisco Home

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  1. Ironically I can budget out that $100 almost perfectly. $50 would go to my wife’s emergency insulin fund (we just had to empty it since the mini fridge decided to screw us and freeze everything inside of it), and then $25 would probably go towards some part of a miscellaneous bill in the next few days. And then I’d make sure to save that last $25 to buy some extra spices and ingredients for Thanksgiving tomorrow, I had to cut back on some of my prep work since that surprise insulin bottle took a big chunk of our holiday fund away.

  2. I really like how you budgeted for this. It definitely shows me that you can make I through tough times. You are the winner from my random number generator. I will message you for your info to send the money! Happy Thanksgiving

  3. I’m grateful for my wife, she works hard and is committed fully to both me and our future family.

  4. Are pokerev and deep pocket monsters not the same person

  5. Women are the most disgusting mfs I’ve ever met when it comes to living spaces. My god

  6. If this isn’t the most moronic generalization under this post 💀

  7. Hate me all you want. I have never been more disgusted than when I’ve seen my female friends rooms

  8. Look up recording laws in your state. If it’s a one party consent state record her being a bitch and take it to your nurse.

  9. Damn, freestyle walking sure has come a long way since soap shoes

  10. Just got off the phone with my post office and the lady pretty much told me to call ups and have them figure it out. @[email protected]

  11. Worst case scenario, but if you get on the phone with the actual people who you ordered from, probs target, and it isn’t going well. You can use a chargeback as a last resort, but remember, that has to be like, the last resort as it’s a borderline threat.

  12. Writ large, I like people who can read and actually comprehend a concept, policy, and law. And failing those, I’m good with buckshot.

  13. My uncle always loaded his with birdshot, then the next cartridge would be buck, then a slug. Psycho bastard always joked that “The first was a deterrent, the second was a better deterrent, and the third was for if they tried to hit him with their car.”

  14. You deem your uncle as a Psycho Bastard? Ok, lol. Enjoy your day, lol.

  15. He’s not a psycho bastard because he did that (arguably I think buckshot should come first and second)

  16. I will fully admit I am prejudiced against MtF trans. I’m sorry, I’ve interacted with a shitload of trans people in my life, some of them I consider friends even, literally every good interaction I’ve had has been with a FtM. Not every interaction with a FtM has been good, but the large majority have. MtF interactions have always made me uncomfortable at best, and genuinely repulsed at worst (usually it’s this one).

  17. People pretend that the only thing wrong with pit-bulls is “muh bad owners”. It’s not, they’re good dogs when you use them properly, they’re bred to be violent and aggressive. They respond incredibly well to a strict hierarchy and clearly defined dominance. Children do not fall above a pit-bull in dominance or hierarchy, at least in ‘Princess’s’ eyes. Stop letting pit bulls around your children and family please. They’re good dogs, they’re not good family pets

  18. Hit me with a hanging city lush cave build. I’m so stuck on my world, I’ll even give you the seed/coords that gives you a massive (and deep) lush cave to work with


  20. One quote: So was there anything improper about Mr. Pelosi’s trades? A few critical details indicate not. In fact, the story seems to be that he made one heck of a trade.

  21. This guy buys a shit ton of Microsoft stock for seemingly no reason. And then a week later Microsoft announced the US military is buying their vr headsets for training. Good trade my ass, he’s done this several times, enough that places like Forbes and business insider have cocked an eyebrow or two.

  22. Good Dans getting paid but I would kill myself if any media I ever created was in big mouth. Vile show

  23. I wonder why would you like to build a base here… what are its pros and cons?

  24. I have autism that wasn’t diagnosed until my early 20’s. Because of this I became an expert at masking, one of the few cool things to come of this shitshow tbh. One cool thing I do is unconsciously mimic vocal patterns of people I’m talking to, accents come especially easy but I also catch myself copying timing, intonation, and other speech patterns.

  25. “Boohoo give up your constitutional right because the heckin kiddos are getting shot by psychopaths in one of the biggest mental health crisis’s the world has ever seen. But it’s totally not that at all and we should punish the majority for a group so tiny and minuscule that calling them the ‘minority’ is a horrid overreach by any measure of the word.”

  26. has anyone figured out what the actual punchline of this joke is? mayor held a press conference and said he held his breath, that's when Schlaub was like "pandemics over". such a butchered delivery

  27. Horribly butchered but makes sense, schaub said the pandemic was over but California was still on its bullshit, especially LA, with incredibly restrictive mandates even after everyone was essentially back to normal. People took the piss out of him because of that and the “I simply held my breath line” which is so obviously false and just a stupid thing to say

  28. Met Gunny once and he hazed me after I didn’t drink my beer in one sip at the ball. One of my favorite memories.

  29. Dude I would hold that memory equivalent or maybe even higher than the birth of my child

  30. Guys come on you’re better than this. That is an incredibly funny shit post, please stop acting like boomers in the comments

  31. Also, bri’ish detected. L + ratio + European + stinky + monarchy + bad food + “well at leasht our shchools don’t git shot up!!!1!1!” + go eat an apple through a picket fence with those crooked chompers

  32. As someone who has lived in both I can confirm pretty much everything you said. However it was nice not having to worry about getting shot up at school. Between home and school however, I'd say the states and England are tied for pyschotic dumbasses with weapons

  33. True, but at least here I can be a slightly more stable psycho with a weapon and defend myself, you can defend yourself across the pond to but in my experience, both parties tend to lose in a knife fight.

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