1. I see your wife's point. you're a very curious fellow who made some bad choices.

  2. I would die. The absolute horror. I can tell you now if this were my experience every last one of them would have been cut from my life including him.

  3. I guess my reply was too dry but she literally had nothing in her bio so I didn't know what the fuck to do.

  4. One word answers. . .no back and forth. Yeah Id feel like I was conducting an interview as well.

  5. YTA. She doesn't want to become a stereotype. Take the no and find alternatives. She's not a prop in your world.

  6. if a guy gets insulted from something as harmless that then it’s something he should work on

  7. Oh so men should just be okay with it and bottle their feelings. Do you hear yourself?

  8. Just checked and I also have a empty playlist that I didn’t create.

  9. What's the connection? I have none added that I didn't create. I don't use 3rd party software in any form to gain music. No public profile for music. Haven't imported playlists from any other source.

  10. I must be made of Teflon because every time I read about these articles like this I always wonder why it never happens to me? Is this real or just user error?

  11. Millions upon millions of Apple accounts. The issue may be affecting 1,000 people but because it's hitting the news its blown up. I imagine there's a lawsuit coming at some point, no merit to it but I can see it coming.

  12. The android part you can leave out. It wouldn't have anything to do with what you're doing. It's good that you included the details though. Use

  13. Sorry, the app simply calls itself “My Media” although when I installed it some 10 years ago, i don’t think it was called that, but can’t be certain.

  14. Have you reached out to the developer? Usually in the App Store when you click the title of the app there will be a developers website or some sort of support channel.

  15. It's a red flag if you apply and put anything negative. And let's be honest. They can hire someone else without the issues. Does it suck? Yup. Once you're in the door then you can apply for ADA accommodations or whatever is needed but not a word until you're in.

  16. Yes but I have English bulldogs. Bladders the size of walnuts or so they would have me believe. Sleep at 9 up at midnight. Sleep till 4 another one wants to go. Try to sleep again and 7 here we come to start the day.

  17. NTA. I was headed towards y t a but then I saw you gave her every chance to start behaving and correcting the behavior. Oh no. She's out of control. Nail that shit down.

  18. Ask your dad if he'll cry when you go no-contact. Back in the day men were taught to suppress feelings, be emotionally unavailable. That led to all kinds of issues that is still rippling across generations.

  19. Nope. Don't let him keep you on the hook. Stop all communication. Stop keeping him in your life. As for working together start looking now. Start applying and networking. That life is over. Leave the door open and he thinks he can walk in anytime.

  20. Their own mode of transportation or at least a mode they can access. Public transport is okay but you better be knowledgeable about schedules and last bus kind of thing.

  21. My region is set to USA which is where I live. I’ve updated to the latest software as advised by Apple support. It’s weird how there’s not even an option to verify my identity which is stated in most guides to fix this issue online. Curious if anybody knows how to fix this or have ran into this issue before?

  22. The fastest solution: You have to call Apple support. You then have to be transferred to an Apple Cash specialist. They will help get your identity verified. You may have to upload your drivers license/id so have it handy.

  23. That's a lie. Their employer has to make up the difference if they don't make enough in tips.

  24. Don't ever pay a scammer. Ever. This goes for all of you out there that may send pics or video chat in the future. If you pay once you'll pay again.

  25. Kill the Apple Music. Add it back when you can. If you have family members or friends who have a family subscription you can join their family and not have to pay anything. You don't even have to live in the same house. Like the other dude said spotify has the free tier to get you through until you can get it back.

  26. Do you enjoy watching p0rn on a mobile device? If so, get the 12.9” and enjoy

  27. I can tell you now there's no higher tier, you're using the 2 tb and then the extra 2. Another option may be for her or you to use google photos or some other cloud based service if you want files in the cloud. Or as you mentioned an external to store files not needed. Wait though. If you're using the 2 tb from the plan and the extra 2 mayhaps she can add an additional 2 tb. She would go into settings/name/iCloud/manage storage/change storage plan and see if there's an additional 2 tb she can get. There's a chance. She would have to stop using the family storage and get her own 2 tb. Which in total would give you 6 if it works.

  28. Who is "they" and why would your conspiracy theory benefit them?

  29. You can take more risks when you know there's no consequences. The show runner is running what they want. To add to their resume? To break into film? Could be a number of reasons.

  30. Id definitely call support. They'll need the exact serial number for the device. Once there they can confirm that AppleCare is there or not. If not they can help you fix the issue. Because you were refunded the AppleCare may disappear. We don't want that. You should verify it on another page. Check and see if your device shows AppleCare there as well.

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