1. The volume isn’t going down, I have it all the way up all the time. Overall the sound is just quieter than it should be even with ringer all the way up.

  2. Have you checked accessibility audio options? Have you also checked sound and haptics? Is this with all sounds? Music? Call? Is the volume also quiet using AirPods/speaker? We need to isolate if it's hardware or settings.

  3. NTA. your privacy was violated by someone who you thought you could trust. The fact that he double-downed instead of acknowledging his error is a huge issue.

  4. What do you do? You let a child make purchases with your payment method. Again. This is all you being careless with your money. You can complain at Apple all you want but find the nearest mirror and you find the person responsible.

  5. So instead of leaning on her as a support system just throw her away. Don't talk about what you're going through, no no. You've got the right idea, just throw away the best thing to ever happen to you, I'm sure she won't mind.

  6. YTA. disturbingly so. Stalking neighbors is right up there on a list not be on.

  7. Card carrying queer here, the movie looked dumb.

  8. I saw it. It was over the top virtue signaling for the most part. Couple of funny zingers here and there but honestly it was a fantasy film more than reality.

  9. So basically Goldberg and all of them just want a View from their side and don't want any opposing "views" to challenge them.

  10. She's made it abundantly clear she doesn't anything to do with her father. I would have walked away years ago but some people will go through lessons as many times as they have to.

  11. Controlling his daughter like he groomed the mother. It all comes out in the end. Right now dad looks like a saint but eventually op will look back and go oh, oh wow.

  12. NTA. Bridezilla gotta zilla I guess. Start at the source. Tell your sister enough with the nonsense. You're pregnant, she's getting married. Two things can happen at the same time and life goes on.

  13. YTA. It's not about the kids. It's about you controlling everyone in your life. Good luck with that.

  14. You can try calling Apple Support but this usually happens when people do something that violates Apple's iTunes/App Store Terms of Service. When that happens you are locked out of your Apple ID entirely though so if this is just affecting your access to the iTunes/App Store you will need to call Apple to find out what it is and have them help you solve it.

  15. True true. Usually if an account disputes a charge with a bank it's temporarily disabled until support can investigate. The other issue would be gift cards. They can be a false flag at times and trigger a disablement which has to be fixed by support as well.

  16. So you're in a hospital being taken care of. There's a hurricane coming and there's multiple kids without adult supervision but your concern is she's not there to hold your hand while you flip through cable tv from a bed?

  17. Even if you remove the tattoo the memories, the love, that bond won't be removed. Tell her friend to get a hobby

  18. I would try text font size in settings see if that changes the zoom window.

  19. YTA. Your husband has his own relationship with his family and shocking I know but he's allowed to. You can't control who he can speak with. You can communicate but yo outright try to ban him from his own family is disturbing to put it mildly.


  21. So basically your camera is adjusting as you get closer to an object. . .and this is bad?

  22. I created an excel spreadsheet just to keep track of everyone. I've got the kids parents figured out but is any of the "adults" with each other?

  23. i have he says “i have lots of love for you”

  24. I have lots of love for daffodils. It's easy they're cute. People will treat you how you let them. Don't be a daffodil.

  25. No way. You're an accessory that he wants on call and only when he deems it necessary. You're either all in or not at all. He can't play house but on his terms. I don't like ultimatums but look, tell him shit or get off the pot.

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